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Grade 5 Chapter 9

Social Studies Grade 5 Chapter 9

Which of the following was NOT a decision made by the Second Continental Congress? declaring defeat
Why was Paine's Common Sense convincing to many people? It was easy to understand
Which of the following resulted from Paine's Common Sense The Declaration of Independence was drafted
Which of the following is the main argument in the Declaration of Independence People are born with rights that cannot be taken away
What does the Declaration of Independence say about Britain The king abused his power.
Why was signing the Declaration of Independence a dangerous act Britain viewed those who signed as traitors
How did Washington force the British out of Boston Washington put cannons on hills above the city
How did the victory at Trenton affect Americans Americans had renewed hope
How did the American victory at Saratoga affect the war France became an American ally and joined the war
What role did African American Patriots play in the war They fought in almost every battle of the war.
What was Prince Hall known for During the war he led the struggle to end slavery
Which of the following was NOT one of the contributions made by women during the American Revolution built forts
Which of the following describes how Von Steuben helped the Continental Army He trained the soldiers
Which two European groups fought against the British with the Americans the French and the Spanish
Which of the following BEST describes George Rogers Clark and John Paul Jones They were determined to win
What helped Washington defeat the British at Yorktown the arrival of the French navy
What resulted from the American victory at Yorktown The American Revolution ended
What convinced many people in the colonies that it was time to declare independence? Why? Thomas Paine's pamphlet Common Sense. It was easy to understand
What risk was taken by those who signed the Declaration of Independence? being hanged as traitors
What effect did the American victory at Saratoga have on other nations proved there was hope the Americans could defeat Britain.
Created by: cheermom