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Civil war & recon.

newly formed states north of 36 30N latitude would be free states Missouri Compromise
Us gained from mexico parts of Texas, New Mexico and arizona and California The Guadalupe Hidalgo of 1848
federal governments attempt to rebuild the south and restore union Reconstruction
who became president after lincoln was killed Andrew Johnson
black people could not gather after sunset black codes
gave oit food, medial and supplies freedman bureau
the constitutional amendment overthrew the dred scott decision & granted citizenship to african americans 14 amendment
granted voting rights to african american women 19 amendment
Tuskegee university founded in rural alabama by booker t. washington
granted african american men the right to vote 15 amendment
abraham lincoln had been born in a log cabin in Kentucky
was elected as the confederacy provisional president jefferson davis
what states were considered the Upper south of the confederate states virginia, NC, Tennessee and Arkansas
what was the original capital of the confederacy montgomery alabama
what was the capital changed to richmond, Virginia
how long did the civil war last 1861 to 1865
northern newspapers named the northern naval bloackade plan the Anaconda plan
the south hoped that european countries including ... would pressure the north to help south gain freedom great Britain and france
were the city and fortress, that were targets of the union army, that gave them control of the Miss River. Port Hudson and Louisiana
how many confederate troops marched out of vickburg to surrender 30,000
surrendered to union forces port hudson
who took charge of the union forces Ulysses S. Grant
amendment ended slavery 13 amendment
Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant in a Virginia town of Appomattox court house
killed abraham Lincoln in Fords theater in washington, D.C. booth
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