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Social Stud. Ch8

Social Studies Chapter 8

Amendment 9 Powers reserved to the People
Amendment 5 Right of accused "Double Jeopardy"
Amendment 19 Woman Suffrage
Amendment 8 Bail and Punishment
Amendment 2 Bear arms
Amendment 6 Right to a Speedy Trial
Amendment 7 Civil Suits
Amendment 4 Searches and Seizures
Amendment 1 Five basic Freedoms
Amendment 10 Powers reserved to the States
Amendment 13 Abolition of Slavery
Amendment 15 The right to Vote
Amendment 3 Quartering Soldiers
Executive Branch's role enforce laws
Judicial Branch's role interpret laws
Legislative Branch's role make laws
One of the American's responsibilities pay taxes
One of the American's responsibilities serve country when needed
One of the American's responsibilities support and defend Constitution
One of the American's responsibilities stay informed of democratic news
One of the American's responsibilities respect other people's rights
One of the American's responsibilities follow local and federal laws
representative democracy a government that is led by officials who are chosen by the people
separation of powers a division of government powers into distinct areas with different branches of government exercising different powers
pardon freedom from punishment
apportionment the use of population to determine the amount of legislative representatives an area will have
petition a formal request
indict to formally accuse
deport to send an immigrant back to his or her country of origin
naturalized citizen a person born in another country who has been granted citizenship
Created by: jacen1324