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history test12/05/12

which president was the first to be inaugurated in washington D.C Thomas Jefferson
which of the following was most responsible for an increase in respect by foreign countries for the U.S in the opening years of the 1800s=>>>>> the chesapeake affair, the passage of the embargo act of 1807 , the success of the Lewis and Clark, and the tripolitan war= tripolitan war
where were the barbary states located they were a Muslim countries in North Africa
the U.S bought the Louisiana Territory from what French ruler Napoleon
Who were the two leaders of the exploration party that first crossed the Rocky Mountains to reach the pacific ocean Mary-weather Lewis & William Clark
what person on the Lewis and Clark expedition proved to bea helpful guide and interpreter among the Indians Sacajawea
what man searched for the source of the mississippi river and explored colorado's rocky mountains Zebulon pike
washington, D.C has changed little since the days of Thomas jefferson T or F F
most of the midnight judges never served because congress repealed the judiciary act of 1801 T or F T
Jefferson eliminated the national bank because it was a federalist creation T or F F
what is impressment this was when the people were taken from one ship and forced to work on the other.
what did the U.S relie on Trade
Great Britain and ------ were at war france
also study notes and puzzle and study guide good luck!!!!! :)