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social studies

key terms quiz

smuggle to illegally import or export goods
navigation acts a series of laws passed by Parliament beginning in 1651 to ensure that England made money from it's colonies trade
Parliament England's chief law making body
salutary neglect a hands-off policy of England toward its American colonies during the first half of the 1700's
enlightenment an 18th-century movement that emphases the use of reason and the scientific method to obtain knowledge
French and Indian war a conflict in North America from 1754 to 1763 that was part of a world wide struggle between France and Britain; Britain defeated France and gained French Canada and Lousianna
albany plan of union the first formal proposal to unite the American colonists, put forth by Ben Franklin
treaty of paris of 1763 the 1763 treaty that ended the French and Indian war; Britain gained all of North America east of the Mississippi river
proclamation of 1763 an order in which Britain prohibited its American colonists from settling west of the Appalachian mountains
boycott to refuse to buy certain products of services
revenue income a government collects to cover expenses $
quarters a place where a soldier lives
redcoats nickname for a British soldier
minutemen volunteers from Massachusetts who would fight at a "minutes" notice
repeal to cancel or withdraw a law
militia volunteer soldiers used in an emergency
sons of liberty a group of colonists who formed a secret society to oppose British polices at the time of the American Revolution
loyalists (tory) an American colonist who supported the British in the American Revolution
patriot an american colonist who sided with the rebels in the American Revolution
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