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History lesson3

China's Great Dynasties

grand canal connected the Huand and Chang rivers
Wu Hou Empress of China during the Tang Dynasty
Guangzhou a major port city in southeastern China; also known as Canton
porcelain a type of ceramic material that is hard and white
Genghis Khan Mongol conqueror of China, and parts of Asia and Europe
Kublai Khan Grandson of Genghis Khan, founder of China's Yuan dynasty
Beijing the capital of the People's Republic of China; first becameChina's capital during the reign of Kublai Khan in the 1200's
silk road an anchient network of overload trade routes that streched from China to what is now Iran
Marco Polo an Italian that made his way to China by the Silk Road
Zheng He Chinese explorer and diplomat
Forbidden City a walled area in Beijing built 1417-1420, during the Ming dynasty, that contained the palaces of the emporers
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