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Beck Social Studies

Beck Social Studies Chp.3

use of scientific knowledge or tools to make or do something technology
navigation the science of planning and following a route
expeditiion a trip taken with the goal of exploration
empire made up of land ruled by the nations that won control of them
entrepreneur a person who sets up and runs a business
cost the effort to gain or achieve something
benefit a reward that is gained
Reconquista the movement to make Spain all Catholic; also called the reconquest
isthmus a narrow strip of land that connects two larger land areas
treaty an agreement between countries about peace, trade, or other matters
grant a sum of money or other payment given for a specific purpose
conquistador any of the Spanish conquerors in the Americas during the early 1500's
reform to change
Reformation a Christian movement that began in 16th Century Europe as an attempt to reform the Catholic Church
Counter-Reformation a time when the Catholic church banned books and used its courts to punish people who protested their ways
missionary a religious teacher sent out by the church to spread its religion
Northwest passage a waterway in North America thought to connect the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean
mutiny rebellion against the leader of a group
Vikings first people to reach North America before Columbus
Hernando Cortes fought the Aztecs
Francisco Pizarro fought the Incas
John Cabot English explorer who thought he had reached Asia.
Americo Vespuccis Italian explorer who reached America; sailed down the coat of South America
Balboa One of the first Europeans to settle in America; started a settlement in Panama
Ponce de Leon Spanish explorer that landed in what is now Florida
Francisco Vasquez de Cornado he never found gold but claimed land for Spain
Hernando de Sota Spaniard that explored the Southeastern United States; first European to see the Mississippi
Giovanni da Verrazano French explorer who sailed to Newfound Land; tried to find a route to Asia
Jacques Cartier French explorer tying to find the Northwest passage; claimed the land around the St. Lawrence river for France
Henry Hudson English explorer who made 4 voyages to look for the Northwest passage; reached Greenland
Created by: hbeck1973
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