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WWI study materials

What were the “MAIN” causes of WWI? Militarism Alliances Imperialism Nationalism
2) What were two reasons the U.S. joined WWI? Unrestricted Submarine Warfare Zimmerman Note
3) Who were the Allies? Russia France Great Britain Italy Japan United States
4) Central Powers? Germany Austria-Hungary Ottoman Empire Bulgaria
5) Why did many American’s feel close ties to the Allies? British colony French help during Revolutionary War money loaned to allies
6) What was included in the Zimmerman Note? Germany promising Mexico that if they made war with the U.S. that they would regain Texas New Mexico and Arizona
1) How did the U.S. “raise an army?” Selective Service Act
2) How did the U.S. combat u-boat attacks? Convoy System
3) What was the main contribution that the U.S. provided for the Allies? freshness
1) What was the purpose of the War Industries Board? to control what factories were making
2) What types of things did the Food Administration ask American Citizens’ to do? Wheatless Wednesday Meatless Monday Victory Garden
3) How did American Citizens’ help finance WWI? liberty bonds
4) What was the Committee on Public Information’s goal during WWI? to sell anti-Germanism
5) What type of environment did propaganda create? hate-filled hysteria
6) Why do you think immigrants were the targets of violence during WWI? because the government was promoting this with propaganda
8) What did the Espionage and Sedition Acts limit? free speech
9) How were African American’s treated differently during wartime? they gained jobs that white soldiers left
10) How were women treated differently? they gained jobs that soldiers left
1) What were Wilson’s Fourteen Points trying to achieve? world peace
2) What was the purpose of The League of Nations? to prevent future wars
3) Why did the Treaty of Versailles “set up?” (at least 3 things here) 9 new countries disarming Germany & war-guilt clause
4) What were the treaty’s weaknesses? it blamed Germany and kept imperialism going
5) Why do you feel like the treaty lead to later wars? Germany wanted revenge for their humiliation
Created by: abyork