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SS Quiz #3

Mercenary a soldier who is paid to fight in a foreignary army
Aqueduct a pipeline or chanel built to carry water to populated areas
Greco-Roman Culture an ancient culture that developed from a blend of greek, hellenistic, and roman cultures
Inflation a decline in the value of money, accompanied by a rise in prices of goods and services
Heresy opinion of doctrine, especially in the church or religious system
Gladiator a person who engages in a fight of controversy in an arena, often a slave
Absolute Ruler a king or queen who has unlimited control and seeks all aspects of society
Triumvirate a group of 3 leaders sharing control of the government
Civil War a conflict between 2 political groups within the same neiborhood
Legion A military unit of Ancient Roman army, made up of 5,000 foot soldiers and a group of soldiers on horseback
Dictator a political reader given absolute power to make laws and command the army for a limited time
Senate the supreme governing body, origionally made up of only aristocrates
Republic a form of government in which power is in the hands of representatives and readers are elected by citizens who can vote
Consul In roman republic, 1 of 2 powerful officials, elected each year to command the army
Tribune In ancient rome, an official elected by the plebians to protect their rights
Created by: Teddy12345