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pp of OT; Golde exam

Theology; people of the old testament; 9 grade.

name/ peopledescription
Aaron the brother of Moses and Miriam. descendant of Levi, Hebrew's first high priest.
Abel son of Adam and Eve, shepherd, killed by his brother, Cain.
Abram/Abraham Son of Terah. nomad and herdsman. first patriarch. father of a great nation, name means, "ancestor of a multitude," was tested by God to sacrifice his son, God makes a covenant with him, and then his name changes.
Achan The Israelite that stole some of the treasure of Jericho for his own personal wealth, and he and his family were stoned to death.
Adam First man and husband of Eve
Amalek Leader who attacks the Israelites in the Sinai desert and is defeated, (moses raises his hands, israelites led by joshua win)
Barak Army General of Deborah
Bathsheba adulterus relationship with, then marries David; mom of Solomon
Benjamin Youngest son of Jacob and Rachel
Bezalel (from the tribe of Judah) builds the Ark of the Covenant
Boaz Marries Ruth, a Moabite and daughter-in-law of Naomi.
Cain kills his brother Abel, son of Adam and Eve; shepherd
Caleb he + Joshua were only scouts who supoorted YHWH's command to invade Canaan.
Cyrus (founder) king of Persian Empire, allowed the Jews to return home and restore the Temple, was religiously tolerant.
David youngest son of Jesse. shepherd. played the lyre. killed Goliath. second king of Israel. brought Ark of the Covenant to the city of Jerusalem. reigned israel in it's golden age. df: adulterous relationship with Bathsheba and murder of her husband.
Deborah (girl) judge + prophetess. COURAGE, had her general BARAK fight and destroy the army of SISERA.
Eliezer son of Moses
Esau name = "hairy", eldest twin of Isaac & Rebekah, favored by Isaac, tricked out of birthright and blessing by bro Jacob.
Eve 1rst girl, wife of adam. (original sin)
Gershom one of the sons of Moses
Gideon Judge + Leader; df=idolatry.
Hagar servant of Sarah, she + Abraham = Ishmael
Hannah mother of Samuel. baran, hannah's song = magnificat, dedicates son to God
Isaac name = "laughed", b/c Sarah laughed when she heard she would have a childe. legitamate heir of Abraham; Sarah + Abraham = ISAAC
Ishmael name = "God has heard" Abraham + Hagar = ISHMAEL; banished b/c threat to isaac's inheritance/
Jacob/ Israel name = "heel grabber", youngest twin. Isaac + Rebekah= JACOB, ISRAEL; favored by Rebekah. tricks Esau out of br, and bs, -8- 2 daughters of Laban...( Leah and Rachel.)
Jael Kenite girl, helps Israelites, and kills Canaanite general SISERA, while he (zzz) in her tent /\
Jeroboam became ruler of Norther Kingdom of Israel when solomon dies, was solomon's supervisor of labor.
Jesse father of David
Jethro / Reuel father of Zipporah, f-in-law of Moses, midian pagan priest.
Joseph 11th son of Jacob. sold by bros into slavery. seer and interpretator of pharoh's dreams, 7 year famine thing, apointed gov. of egypt, ect...
Joshua son of Nun, he + Caleb, suport attack of Cannan. succeded Moses. Military+moral leader, led israelites into promised land
judah recieved blessing of leadership 4m Jacob, jake's 4 son
keturah Abraham's wife after sarah dies
Laban, Rebekah's bro, jacob's uncle, tricked Jake into marring both daughters: Leah + Rachel; lived in Aram
Leah Oldest daughter of Laban. her + Jacob = 6 sons 1daughter; maid(Zilpah)
Levi 3rd son of Jacob, he+ simeon trick + slaughter Shechem and all the men of the city in retaliation for the rape of thier sis, Dinah, from his descendents were Moses, Aaron, and Miriam, also Priests are from this liniage, no land given.
Lot Nephew of Abraham, nomad & herdsman. saved by Abram from destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Miriam Sis of Moses, led Hebrews in worship
Moses d. of Levi. bro of Aaron and Miriam. rescued by Pharoh's daughter, raised by her. leaders of hebrews out of egypt (exodus), 10commandments, 1rst hebrew prophet.
Nadab and Abihu sons of Aaron, killed by Yahweh for burning an "illicit or profane" fire at the Altar of Incense
Naomi An Israelite widow and mom-in-law of Ruth
Nebuchandnezzar Monarch/king of BABYLONIANempire who INVADED JUDAH and DESTROYED JERUSALEM, plundered the Temple in 587 B.C. destroyed Ark of the Covenant
Noah built Ark, saved from GREAT FLOOD, RAINBOW
Phineas Grandson of Aaron, stood up for yahweh agains Baal shrine. "covenant of priesthood"...(Levites)
Potiphar Officer +captain, of EGYPTIAN guard. BOUGHT JOSEPH as servant, wife falsly accused Joseph of trying to rape her, so ______ has Joseph thrown in jail.
Rachel 2 daughter, 2 wife, bears 2 sons, and dies in childbirth. her + Jacob = Joseph and Benjamin.
Rahab prostitute in JERICHO assists Joshua's spies helps them in defeat of Jericho, she + family spared.
Ramses II king of Egypt @ time o' exodus. (1290 - 1224 ... or 13th century B.C.)
Rebekah sister of Laban, Rebekah -8- Isaac = Esau and Jacob
Rehoboam son of Solomon, came king of S. kingdom of Judah (2 tribes)
Reuben 1rst son of Jacob. df= lust 4 powr+ slept with Bilhah, ) his br is given 2 Judah
Ruth d-in-Law o' Naomi, Moabite woman; returns to Bethlehem after her husband and Naomi's husband die. Ruth -8- Boaz---> lineage of David
Samson judge, desire 4 revenge against Philistines, long hair... nazarite vow, (hair no wine, ect....) story = heroic myth r legend
Samuel LAST JUDGE; PROPHET, HIGH PRIESTafter death of Eli and his sons; name = "God heard" Opposed to having a king , but anoints Saul king.
Sarai/ Sarah name = "princess", half sister & wife of Abram. barran untill god gave her ISAAC in her old age.
Saul FIRST KING of the united kingdom of Israel. Reigns 4 20 years. df = jealousy of David. killed with sons in battle against Philistines.
Simeon 2nd son of Jacob, him + Levi Trick and slaughter Shechem and all the men of the city in retaliation 4 the rape of their sis, Dinah.
Solomon David + Bathsheba = Solomon; THIRD & FINAL KING ofthe United Israel. Asked God for the gift of WISDOM, for his reign. built the Temple of Jerusalem. df= married many wives and became active in idolatry.
Tamar d-in-law of Judah, is left childless and bears a child from Judah (LEVIRATE MARRAIGE)
Terah dad of Abram, grand dad of Lot
Zipporah daughter o Jethro, ________+ Moses =Gershom and Eliezer.
Created by: lili