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First-Year Seminar

Social Work

Atlanta University was founded in _________. 1865
Atlanta's university first President? Edmund Asa Ware
The Official Motto of AU (Atlanta University) I'll find a way or make one
Atlanta University was founded by _________? American Missionary Association
What is Atlanta University? The nation's oldest graduate institution serving a predominantly African American student body, which began right after the civil war.
Where is North Hall? North Hall is the first building located on Diamond Hill (Now Morris Brown College)
Why is Atlanta University a private institution? The University forfeits its rights to the annual state appropriate of $8000 for not denying white students admission
Official colors of Atlanta University Crimson and gray
Who was the first African American to graduate with a doctorate from Harvard University that joins the staff of the Atlanta University? Dr. WEB Dubois
Who was the 5th president of Atlanta University? In 1929, Dr. John Hope becomes the 5th president and was also the first African American president. Also served as Morehouse president simultaneously.
When did Atlanta University moved to Chestnut Street (James P. Brawely) ? In 1933
What were it's first residential dorm halls and who were they named after? Bumstead and Ware Hall; after the first and second presidents
Who was the tenth president of Atlanta University in 1988? Dr. Thomas Cole, he also served as Clark College president simultaneously.
Clark College was founded in? 1869
Clark College was founded by? Freedmen's Aid Society as Clark University
Who was Clark College named after? Dr. Davis Wesgatt Clark, leader of the Methodist Episcopal Church
The first president of Clark College? Rev. D. W. Hammond
Who was the first African American president of Clark College? in 1904, Dr. William Henry Crogman
When does homecoming becomes a tradition? In 1933
The official colors of Clark College? Cardinal and black
The official mascot of Clark College? the panther
When did Clark University relocate? In 1937 AU approves CC relocation to be closer
Clark University amends its charter and changed its name to Clark COllege when? March 12, 1940
When did Clark COllege move to a new campus? September 1941
When were Annie Merner Hall for women and Henry Pfiefer Hall for men completed? In 1941
Haven Warren Hall is named after who? Bishops Gilbert Haven and Henry White Warren (Board of Trustees).
Haven Warren Hall is? provides classrooms and administrative office in 1941
Who was elected the 19th president of Clark College? James P. Brawely
Discussions of AU and CC merging started in? 1946
Merill J. Holmes opens as a residence home for upper-class women in? 1949
Kresge Hall was used as a multipurpose room in? 1954
Kresge became a residence hall for upper class dorm for women in? 1964
James P. Brawely Hall opens as an upper class dorm for men in? 1959
In 1971, McPheeters-Dennis Housed? Housed the library, science, math, mass media, and more.
McPheeters-Dennis was named after who? Dr. Alphonso A. McPheeters and Dr. Joseph J. Dennis
Who publiched the Clark College legacy and when? Dr. Brawely in 1977
When and how was Woody established? The AUC institutions merges it's library collections to form Wooodruff Library in 1982
Who was the first private black college to have a social work program? Clark College
Who was elected the last president of Clark College? Dr. Thomas Cole
Clark College official Motto "Culture for Service"
James P. Brawely Quote "Clark College is second to none"
CAU officially opens in? 1988
CAU first elected president was? Dr. Thomas W. Cole
CAU mottos? I'll find a way or make one and Culture for service
CAU official colors? Red, Black, and Gray
CAU alma matter and who is the author? Reign Clark Atlanta by Dr. C. Eric Lincoln
CAU Official mascot? the panther
The second president of CAU? Dr. Henry Broadnax
The 1996 Olympic games held in Atlanta donated 6 things to CAU, what were they? 1. Olympic Promenade 2. University Gate House (security booths) 3. Student Center 4. New Residential Apartments 5. CAU Art Gallery 6. Panther Stadium
When was Carl and Mary Ware Academic center built? in 2004
Who is the third and current President of CAU? Dr. Carlton E.Brown
What are the six core values of CAU? 1. Innovation and Discovery 2.Integrity 3.Pursuit of Excellence 4. Social Responsibility 5. Student-Centeredness 6.Respect
Nelson Mandela's 15 Lessons to life: number 1 Courage is not the absence of fear-- it's inspiring others to move beyond it
Nelson Mandela's 15 Lessons to life: number 2 Lead from the front--but don't leave your base behind
Nelson Mandela's 15 Lessons to life number 3 Lead from the back-- let others think they are in front
Nelson Mandela's 15 Lessons to life: number 4 Know your enemy-- and learn about his favorite sport
Nelson Mandela's 15 Lessons to life number 5 Keep your friends close--and your rivals even closer
Nelson Mandela's 15 Lessons to life: number 6 appearances matter--and remember to smile
Nelson Mandela's 15 Lessons to life: number 7 Nothing is black or white
Nelson Mandela's 15 Lessons to life: number 8 Quitting is leading too
Innovation and Discovery making significant contributions to the knowledge of humankind through the diverse talent and skills of our students, researchers, faculty, and staff
Integrity educational community that predicates our work and relationships on high moral character and sound ethical principles and practices
Pursuit of Excellence committed to continuous pursuit of excellence in all of our endeavors to best serve our stakeholders
Social Responsibility believes in equality, justice, civic engagement, and personal and professional accountability
Student-Centeredness emphasizes the delivery of high quality and reliable support services that are responsive to the diverse backgrounds which students brings to this institution
Respect recognizes the interdependence of all individuals and a fully embrace and support of thought, culture, ideas, experiences, and talents of people
Created by: ANelson87
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