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study for End of Coarse exam

Cuba we promise independence; Jose Marti is the revolutionary
Puerto Rico we promise independence; Rivera is the revolutionary
Phillipines we promise independence; Emilio Aguinaldo is the revolutionary
Pulitzer New York Newspaper
Hearst San Francisco Newspaper
Delome letter letter by a Spanish diplomat saying President William McKinley is weak
Concentration camps arrested 200000 Cubans and put them in horrid prison camps
USS Maine Cuban revolutionaries blow up ship; Pulitzer/Hearst blame Spain; U.S. declares war
Treaty of Paris ended Spanish-American war
Platt Amendment we make Cuba agree to - Navy base in Guantamino Bay - we become their protectorate - they can't borrow money from foreign countries
imperialism taking over smaller, weaker countries to utilize their resources
Alaska U.S. bought it for $7.2 million from Russia
Panama Canal Theodore Roosevelt overthrows the Venzualion government and creates Panamanion government, then builds Panama Canal, cuts time down by 2 weeks
yellow fever disease throughout Panama, Cuba, and Puerto Rico; U.S. kills mosquitoes and saves millions of lives
China U.S. writes 'Open Door notes' by John Hay, saying U.S. will have control of the trade with China or else war
Influence of Sea Power book ritten by Alfred T Mahan explaining that alarge Navy could control the whole world
Roosevelt Coralary tells nations of the world to stay out of Latin America
Big Stick policy Theodore Roosevelt's idea that you should never make threats but carry a big stick (have a large military) that you use when you are pushed
expansionism U.S. expanded throughout the world and became a global empire
Dewey U.S. soldier that destroys the Spanish fleet in Manila, Phillipines and ultimately forced the Spanish to lose the Spanish-American War
Created by: Tyl3r10959