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History Chapter 11

History Chapter 11 Vocabulary

Mountain Men fur traders and trappers who were known as -------
The Oregon Trail A trail that many took that lead to O---
The Santa Fe Trail A trail that many took to Santa----
The Mormons Were did they go and Why A large group of settlers who travled to Utah for religious freedom
Brigham Young Became the head of the mormon church after Joseph Smith was murdered.
Empresarios agents or recruters paid in land to bring in settlers to mexico.
Stephan Austin started a texas colony. a empresario. Colony was on the lower Colorado River.
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna becomes president of Mexico. Extremely Strict.
the Alamo an abandoned mission near San Antonio that became an important battle site in the texas revolution.
Sam Huston headed a rebel militia
Davy Crockett an early mountain man. led a tennise militia into the almo
Jim Bowie early mountian man invented the bowie nife
Jim Travis an early mountain man
Battle of Goliad 350 americans surrendured all killed. Texans were enraged by the massacare
Battle of San Jacinto The Texans captured Santa Ann and forced him to sign a treaty giving texas its Independence.
Manifest Destiny obcious fate, to settle land all the way to the Pacific Ocean in order to spead democracy.
James K. Polk Democratic President 1844 former tenessee governor. Annexed Oregon and Texas.
Vaqueros Mexican/Spanish cowboys. First Cowboys know of driving cattle into the U.S.
Californios a term used to identify a Spanish-speaking, mostly Roman Catholic people, or of Latin American descent, regardless of race, born in California
Bear Flag Revolt Americans declared California to be a independent nation
Spot Resolution The resolutions requested President James K. Polk to provide Congress with the exact location (the "spot") upon which blood was spilt on American soil, as Polk had claimed in 1846 when asking Congress to declare war on Mexico.
General Winfield Scott Known as Old fuss and feathers because of his strict militery disipline. He took Veracruz and Mexico City.
General Zachary Taylor his soldiers were killed - started the war
Captain John C. Freemont A U.S Army Captain was leading a mapping expidition, stopped and joined American settlers and their revolt against the Californios
General Stephen Kearny Took California for The U.S.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Febuary 1848, the United States and Mexico signed the Treaty of -------- which officially ended the war and forced Mexico to turn over much of its northern territory to the United States
Gadsden Purchase The U.S. Government paind Mexico 10 million $ for the sothern parts of what are now Arizona and New Mexico.
The Donner-Reed Party a group of weatern travleers who went to California but were stranded in the Sierra Nevada Mountains during winter.
Forty-Niners gold seeking migrants to California called ----
Prospect search for gold
Placer Miners used pans or other devices to wash gold nuggets out of loose rock and gravel.
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