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Revolutionary War

chapter 7

Marquis de Lafayette 19 year old French nobleman who volunteered to serve in Washington's army
Lord Cornwallis British general that fought in many important battle
Thomas Paine wrote encouraging letters to soliders
Baron von Steuben helped turn the inexperienced soliders into skilled fights
George Washington commander of Continental Army
Benjamin Franklin diplomat to France and Britain
Swamp Fox (Francis Marion) taught the method of Guerillas
Continental Army -Leaders -description -challenges leaders- George Washington, Marquis de Layafette, Baron von Steuben -no skills and no experience -not a lot of supplies
African Americans during the war. fought for British or America
Native Americans during the war Fought for British or America
Women during the war. cooked and brought things to the troops while fighting pr helped with the wounded
Patriot strengths, weaknesses, strategies, and allies knew land, had motivation, foreign aid, better leaders untrained, inexperienced, low supples guerillas france and spain
British strengths, weaknesses, strategies, and allies experienced, trained, well supplied, strong navy overconfident take coastal cities and then move inward native americans, african americans
Valley Forge- what happened, who was there, what did it represent for Americans it was a bad winter and many of Washington's troops dies then people came to help many men stayed represented the love for a country
Privateers a privately owned ship that a wartime government gives permission to attack an enemy's merchant ships
MERCENARY professional soldier hired to fight for a foreign country
Allies France and Spain
Guerilla style fighting- where and who trained them hit and runs attacks- in south- Francis Marion style of fighting
Pacifists a person who opposes war
Battle of Yorktown Americas won and the British then surrendered
Treaty of Paris- what were the terms U.S.A was independent, stated boundaries, U.S. could fish off Canada's Atlantic coast, stated debt
Effects of the war- republicanism, canada, format of government many Loyalists, African Americas, and Native Americas left to canada, America adopted the idea of republicanism where citizen rule.
Created by: the chubbster
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