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-this is for the exam-4th prd. civics. 7th grade-

democracy type of gov't where people rule
monarchy power is given to a king or queen
oligarchy power is given to a group of people
theocracy power is given to a religious group
what kind of gov't does U.S. have? democracy
what kind of gov't makes laws? legislative branch
what kind of gov't enforces laws? executive branch
what kind of gov't makes sure laws are constitutional? judicial branch
what is another name for the judicial branch? supreme court
what is another name for the executive branch? president
what is another name for the legislative branch? congress
what is the highest level of gov't in U.S. national
who is the current governor of alabama? bob riley
who is the current mayor of oneonta? danny hicks
who is the current president of the US george w. bush
what are the requirements of US citizens? •vote•attend school•obey the laws•pay taxes•serve in court•defend nation
name 3 ways American citizenship can be gained •born in US•born to US citizen•naturalization
how does a person become a naturalized citizen? •be at least 18•read write and speak english•live in US 5 years•believe in constitution•take the oath of allegiance
legal alien an immigrant who DO have permission to live in the US
Checks and Balances a system in which each branch of gov't is able to check or restrain the powers of others
veto refusal to sign a bill of congress
when was the declaration of independance written? 1776
who mainly wrote the declaration? thomas jefferson
which document set up our national gov't constitution
which is the highest authority in the nation constitution
what does the preamble do? introduces the constitution
how many amendments does the US constitution have? 27
when was alabamas constitution written? 1901
what was the purpose of the tax and literacy tests in alabmas constitution? to keep certain groups from voting
what is the 1st amendment freedom of- speech, press, assembly,religionand petition
what is the 2nd amendment right to bear arms{own a gun}
what is the 3rd amendment no quartering of troops
what is the 4th amendment no unreasonable searches
what do the 5th, 6th,and 8th amendment have in common the rights of the accused
platform a series of statements expressing the parties principals/beliefs
when is election day in November the first tuesday after the first monday in november
what are the two major parties democradic and republican
scarcity a limited supply of something
consumer person who buys things
supply various quantities of a good or service that producers are willing to sell
demand the desire willingness and ability to buy a good or service
who runs the economy in the US individuals
what are the characteristics of a market economy individuals own buisnesses
what are two other names for a market economy capitalism or free enterprise
cival case a lawsuit involving enforcement of private rights
criminal case a case where gov't is procecuting a defendant accused of commiting a criminal act
what is the highest court in the US supreme
what is the juvenile term for "guilty"? delinquent
what is the juvenile term for "trial"? hearing
Created by: ohscheerleader36
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