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The West Indian

The treaty that began to take land away form Indians Ft.laramie
The massacre here in 1890 resulted in many deaths....ghost dance Wounded knee massacre
This battle led to death of the general and all his men Little big horn
In 1862 legislation is offered 160 acres of land if settlers agreed to farm it for 5yrs Homestead act
The goal was that Indians would settle along side white men Dawes act
He lost the battle at Little Bighorn George custer
The apache leader who fought for 25 years.he was the last n.a leader to surrender. Geronimo
Along side crazy horse, tis Sioux chief fought hard for Sioux land Sitting bull
Nez perce chief tried to flee to Canada..he was caught Chief Joseph
u.s wanted to take n.a land so white farmers could farm True
Most reservations were set up east of the Mississippi River True
By 1870 at least one million buffalo were being hunted by non Indians True
Plain tribes were nomadic, moving from place to place , until white settlers came True
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