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8SS_Road Revolution

The Road to Revolution (Kendall)

What "Act" was unusual because it was not a tax? the Declaratory Act
Why did England believe they could do whatever they wanted with the colonies? because they owned them
Define, Townshend Act. An act that levied import duties or taxes on glass, paint, lead, paper and tea
What tax was not repealed after Parliament repealed the Townshend Act? the tax on tea
When did the Boston Massacre take place? March 5. 1770
What did a group of colonists begin doing to the English troops? they began harassing them
What was thrown at the troops? snowballs
Who was throwing things at the troops? the colonists
What occurred that resulted in the British troops firing upon the colonists? colonists threw rocks, glass, & bottles at the troops. Either a soldier slipped and fired his gun or someone from either side yelled "Fire!"
Who led the British troops? Captain Thomas Preston
How many colonist died during the Boston Massacre? 5
Who was the first casualty during the Boston Massacre? Crispus Atticks
What happened to the troops after the Boston Massacre? they were placed on trial
Who defended the British troops in court? John Adams
What was the verdict of the British troops? not guilty
By what was today's legal system affected by? what happened during the Boston Massacre trial
What happened between the colonists and British temporarily? tension eased
What did the East India Trading Company have? a monopoly on the sale of tea
Who was hurt by the Tea Act? the law abiding colonists and the smugglers
Who was furious over the Tea Act? the Sons of Liberty
What happened on a cold December evening in 1773? Members of the Sons of Liberty, dressed as Mohawks, boarded a ship attempting to import tea. The Sons of Liberty dumped thousands of dollars of tea into the Boston Harbor.
How did England retaliate against the Sons of Liberty? they enforced the Coercive Acts
What did the colonists refer to the Coercive Acts as? the Intolerable Acts
What was the Coercive Acts meant to do? punish Massachusetts and set an example for the rest of the colonies to see
What did the Coercive Acts stop? the imports and exports to Boston Harbor
What do the colonists hold in reaction to the Coercive Acts? their first Continental Congress
What was decided during this meeting? colonists would form militias
What did the representatives decide after the meeting? they agreed to meet again if the issues aren't resolved by 1775
Do things get better after the first Continental Congress? NO they do not
Where are the British troops primarily stationed? Boston
Why are the troops primarily stationed in Boston? they have little control over the surrounding areas
What did the colonists hide in Concord? guns and ammunition
Who was sent to seize the supplies in Concord? the British troops
Who was one of several men who ride through the towns to warn people that the British are coming? Paul Revere
Where were the first shots of the war fired? Lexington
How many colonists die? 8
When the British move onto Concord, what did they seize? supplies that weren't hidden
What happens to the British as they retreat to Boston? they are ambushed by the colonists
How many British casualties were there after the ambush? 270
How many colonist casualties were there after the ambush? 100
Created by: masonteach
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