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4thGr SS Ch7 Lsn 1-2

Presidio Elem Social Studies 4th Grade

annexation when one country becomes part of another country
resolution a decision
legislature a group of people who make laws
expand to spread out
boundary a line that separates one place from another
skirmish a minor battle
Many Americans felt that the country had a right to spread out, or __ expand
The Mexican government believed that the Nueces River marked the northern ___ , or border, of Mexico. boundary
Some people thought Texas had too much debt, so they were against _____, or having Texas join the U.S. annexation
A ___is a group of people who make new laws. legislature
Mexican troops defeated Zachary Taylor’s troops in a minor battle, or ___ skirmish
Sam Houston did not want Texas to be a separate nation. He supported ___ annexation
The U.S. Congress wanted Texas to become a state, so they passed a ___ resolution
The new constitution said that the Texas __ would meet every two years to make laws. legislature
Some people hoped that the U.S. would ___ and spread from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean expand
Sam Houston wanted Texas to have services such as an army and a postal system, but Texas had very little ____. money
Some U.S. leaders did not want to annex Texas because Texas laws allowed _____. slavery
A resolution in the U.S. Congress said that Texas could become a state if it agreed to give up its ___. forts
When Texas became a state, it needed a new state ___. constitution
The writers of the Texas constitution based some of their ideas on the constitution written for the state of ____. Louisiana
The constitution said that the Texas ____ would meet every two years to make new laws. legislature
Many immigrant families left crowded cities in Europe and ____ to Texas. sailed
German families who settled in Texas built towns such as New ___ and Fredericksburg. Braunfels
Polish settlers arrived on ____ in 1854, and founded the town of Panna Maria. Christmas Eve
Almost all the immigrants who arrived in Texas had to buy ____ so they could grow food. land
According to Mexico, its northern boundary was marked by the ____ River. Nueces
President James K. ___ wanted to buy Mexican lands Polk
General Zachary ____ and his men were defeated in a skirmish with Mexican soldiers in April 1846. Taylor
The U.S. ___ declared war on Mexico in May 1846. Congress
Jane McManus Cazneau went to Mexico to seek a ___ agreement. peace
The U.S. Army and the Texas Rangers were led into Mexico City by General Winfield _____. Scott
Leaders from the U.S. and Mexico met in the village of Guadalupe ___. Hidalgo
The U.S. gained more than half a million ___ miles of land from Mexico. squares
The land included the complete present-day states of Utah, California, and ____ Nevada
How could you say “minor battle” using only one word? skirmish
What is another word for a decision, such as one passed by a congress? resolution
What kind of battle was lost by General Zachary Taylor in April 1846? a small battle or skirmish
What do we call a group of elected people who make new laws? legislature
What does a country do when it spreads out? it expands
What is another word for a border that separates one place from another? a boundary
What did Sam Houston support that would make Texas part of the United States? annexation
What was passed by the U.S. Congress on February 28, 1845, that made Texas a state? a resolution
What kind of line did Mexico and the United States disagree over? a boundary line
According to the Constitution of 1845, which group of Texans would meet every two years? the legislature
Created by: pacarril8
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