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Chapter 7 Stack Mr.N

Study Stack for Chapter 7: From the Articles to the Constitution

States used these to protect their individual rights in their state constitutions Bill of Rights
The original document that was used to establish the first national government The Articles of Confederation
The Articles of Confederation contained this many branches one
Under the Articles of Confederation each state had this many votes One each
This many states needed to agree in order to pass a law under the nAreticles of Confederation Nine
Under the Articles what powers did the states have? Regulate trade, collect taxes, enforce laws
Under the Articles of Confederation what powers did the National Congress have? Deal with foreign nation and Native Americans, declare war, make laws, print money and run a postal service
How did the Articles cause economic problems? Each state had their own currency and tax laws which discouraged inter-state trade
How did the Articles cause diplomatic problems? The Articles made us look like we has a weak government and other countries tried to take advantage
How did the Articles cause domestic problems? Shays rebellion started because the government did not have the power to step in and help the struggling farmers
A plan proposed by Edmund Randolph for a new strong central government The Virginia Plan
A plan proposed by William Patterson to modify the Virginia Plan and please the smaller states The New Jersey plan
The Legislative Branch ________________ laws Made
The Executive Branch __________________ laws Enforced
The Judicial Branch ___________________ laws Interpreted
The VA plan called for how many houses of legislature? 2
How did the VA plan propose representation in the legislature would be decided? Based on the population of each state
The NJ plan called for how many houses of legislature? 1
How did the NJ plan propose represntation in the legislature would be decided? Equal for each state
Was the name given to the solution of the debate between the NJ and VA plans The Great Compromise
The Great Compromise called for how many houses of legislature? 2
How was representation decided in the Senate? Each state recieved 2 members
How was representation decided in the House of Representatives? It was based on a states population
The solution to how slaves should be counted towards taxation and representation The 3/5 Compromise
Was chosen to write the Preamble because he was a gifted writer Gouverneur Morris
The Constitution claimed to be written for_________________ and by _________________ For the people, by the people
How many state needed to ratify the Constitution before it became official? 9
Supporters of the Constitution that wanted a strong federal government Federalists
3 main arguements of Anti-Federalists Weakened the states powers, No Bill of Rights, Feared a president could become King
What state was important because people feared that if it rejected the constitution others would too? Virginia
the first 10 Ammendment to the Constitution that protected rights against an abusive government Bill of Rights
1st Amendment Freedom of Religion, Press, and Speech
2nd Amendment Right to bear arms
3rd Amendment Protects against quartering of troops
4th Amendment Protects against illegal search and seizures
5th-8th Amendments Protects the rights of accused persons being put on trial
9th-10th Amendments Limits the National government to the powers mentioned in the Constitution
Created by: mrnick625