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RNA processing II

rRNA splicing Ribozyme mediated removal of IV sequence. Requires internal guiding sequence. cut at 5' splice junction creating 5'exon with OH group. Rho independent termination of transcription.
mRNA splicing in Euk 2 splice event: GU 5' and AG 3'. Pyrimidine tract that is highly rich in C/U, signal in intron. Branch site contains internal A which initiates 1st transesterfication.
Alternating splicing Generate multiple protein products from same primary transcript. Tropomyosin uses exon skipping. Calcitonin is an exon 4 related polyadenylation.
Exonic Regulating Elements Sequences that regulate the choice of certain exons & the exclusion of certain introns
Beta-thalassenia Nt change at an intron-exon junction which leads to aberrant splicing. Inadequate b-globin chains to pair with alpha. Mutation in intron creating new AG leads to errors in splicing.
Myotonic Dystrophy Autosomal Dominant. Instead of CGG there is CUG expansion.
Sequestration Mutant tri-nt repeat expansion binds and sequesters a splicing regulatory factor. hijacks & binds a paramount regulatory factor.