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4- Bill of Rights

Civics 8

What is the banning of printed material or films because they contain alarming or offensive ideas? censorship
a crime that involves harming a person's reputation by printing lies about him or her libel
the act that encouraged the hiring and promoting of minorities and women in fields that were traditionally closed to them Affirmative Action
the 19th amendment gave women... suffrage
a formal charge by a grand jury, accusing a person of a crime an indictment
the right of the government to take away private property for public use eminent domain
the sum of money used as a security deposit to allow an accused person to remain free until thier trial; it is forfeited if the accused person fails to appear in court bail
requiring a person to pay a fee before being able to vote in an election- usually meant to keep African Americans from voting poll tax
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NAACP
a court order allowing police to search a suspect's home or business and take specific items as evidence search warrant
a person cannot be tried for the same crime twice double jeopardy
the amendment that gaurantees a person's right to a lawyer the sixth amendment
a small, local army made up of volunteer soldiers militia
the social separation of the races segregation
government programs that encouraged the hiring of minorities and women in fields that traditionally were closed to them affirmative action
unfair treatment based on prejudice against a certain group discrimination
ensures that Americans are exposed to a wide variety of viewpoints freedom of press
a baptist reverend who believed in nonviolent resistance, or the peaceful protest of unfair laws Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
they review evidence against an accused person and decide if it warrants an indictment grand jury
the right to express one's ideas to the government right/freedom to petition
the freedom to think and act without government interference or fear of unfair treatment civil liberties
the right to vote suffrage
saying or doing something that accidentally makes yourself look guilty of a crime self incrimination
the amendment that protects against unreasonable search and seizure the fourth amendment
refers to police officers singling our people as suspects because of the way they look racial profiling
if the accused cannot afford one, the government must provide one and pay his or her fees a lawyer
protects the right of women to vote in all nationals and state elections the 19th amendment
protects American's unwritten rights the 9th amendment
prevents Congress and the president from becoming too strong the 10th amendment
officially ended slavery the 13th amendment
poll taxes are illegal
refers to the spoken work, internet communication, art, music, and clothing freedom of speech
a formal request petition
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