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13 Colonies- People

Roger Williams a dissenter who wanted more religious freedom; founded Rhode Island
Anne Hutchinson held meetings in her home where men and women talked about religion; banished to Rhode Island
Thomas Hooker a minister who wanted to form a new community where all men could vote even if they were not church members; founded Hartford which joined other towns to form Connecticut
Metacomet leader of the Wampanoag nation
James, the Duke of York became the proprietor of New York
John Berkley and George Carteret were given land which formed New Jersey
William Penn started Pennsylvania in hopes of a colony where people could live in peace
Benjamin Franklin Philadelphia's most famous citizen; bought a printing press, published a newspaper, was an inventor and scientist; helped start Philadelphia's first public library, fire company, and hospital
Cecilius Calvert (Lord Baltimore) was given land from King Charles I to begin Maryland
King Charles II formed the colony of Carolinas to keep France and Spain out of the area
James Oglethorpe given land by King George II (colony Georgia); wanted a place for poor people and debtors
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