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Test American Rev.

who captured a supply of cannon for the Americans? Benedict Arnold
where was the cannon stored? Ticonderoga, New York
Explain the significance of the Olive Branch Petition? July 1775 asking George the 3 to overrule Parliament and fix things by declaring colonies in "state of rebellion" August 23,1775
who did Congress appoint to be commander -in- Chief of the Continental Army? Henry Knox
where did the cannon come from? Ticonderoga
what pamphlet was published in January, 1776? Common Sense
What did the pamphlet say? Many Americans that independence is the only choice?
what was published in July, 1776? Declaration of independence
what was the specific date of publication? July 4, 1776
who gets credit for writing the document? Thomas Jefferson
explain the significance of Nathan Hale? wanted to help his country so he became a spy and was executed. " I only regret that i had one life to my country."
who stopped the British invasion from Canada on Lake Champlain? Benedict Arnold
what was the pamphlet was published in December, 1776? The Crisis
Who wrote the pamphlet? Thomas Paine
What did the pamphlet say? Americans to keep up the fight.
where did General Washington win two victories in December, 1776? Trenton and Princeton, New Jersey.
what was the significance? he crossed Delaware river. it worked and captured Hessian,supplies, and boosted morale nation wide
who was named ambassador to France? Benjamin Franklin
What was he trying to convince the French to do? Declare was against England and help the fight
what did the France say the Americans had to do in order to get open help from France? needed a European style victory
where did the Americans win in a major victory in Oct, 1777? second battle of Saratoga
What made this battle a turning point in the war? France signs peace treaty of assistance with U.S. to join the war against England,Spain, And Hollnad
what general led the Americans in this victory? Francis
Who was Lafayette French nobleman who volunteered to fight for Americans
where did General Washington's army spend the winter of 1777-78? Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
what was the significance of this winter camp? beginning of hard feelings between veterans and Congress
who taught Continental Army how to use bayonets and perform close-order drill? Steuben
who took control of the Ohio Valley form the British> George Rockers Clark
Who was governor of Spanish Texas? Bernado de Galvez
what did this man do to help the Americans? cattle drives attacks British in Ohio Valley, Florida, and Georgia.
who was the most successful ship's captain in the American navy? John Paul Jones
what did Benedict Arnold do in September,1780? Turn the fort over to the British
why did he do that? hurts feelings over not being promoted after Saratoga and other fights, plus needed money for fancy wife.
where did the British concentrate their war effort in the summer of 1780? South
where did American Gen. Horatio Gates run away from the British in August of 1780? Outside Camden
who fought each other at the Battle of King's Mountain? loyalists militias and patriots
who was a leader in the guerrilla war against the British in the south? Francis Marion
who took over command of the Continental Army in the South? Nathanael Greene
where did col. Daniel Morgan fight col. Tarleton? south Carolina, Battle of cow pins.
Who won? Morgan
how did the winner win? three -tiered defense, using weak militias in front fire two volleys then run away.
in what battle did gen. Cornwallis lose control the confidence of his army? Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina
how did Cornwallis lose confidence? Order artillery to kill his own men.
where did Cornwallis take his army after this battle? Yorktown, Virginia
what did the french fleet do to help the Americans? Blockade Chesapeake Bay
who took command of the American army outside Yorktown? Washington and Lafayette
how did the Americans win at Yorktown? Siege
on what date did the British Army at Yorktown surrender? Oct 19, 1781
what general surrendered in Yorktown? Cornwallis
what was the result of this American victory? American Revolution ended
what treaty officially end the American Revolution? Treaty of Paris
List the terms of the treaty: U.S independent, fishing rights, debts, abolish slavery
where was the battle of Bunker Hill fought? Boston
on what date did Bunker Hill fought? June 17,1775
what american leader built the defense on the beach, to the left of the main fortification? John Stark
what did the man tell his militia about when to shoot at the British? don't shoot til you see the whites of their eyes.
how many times did the British attack the American fortification? 3 times
who won the American fortification? British
what happened that enabled the winners to win? Americans were running out of ammunition.
what did the British control as a result of this battle? Boston and Bunker Hill
What did the Americans control? High ground around Boston.
Created by: lamdoan63