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Communist Leader of North Vietnam Ho Chi Mihn
Leader of South Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem
President who escalated U.S. involvement in Vietnam after Gulf of Tonkin incident President Johnson
President who began removal of U.S. troops from vietnam Nixon
Special Watergate prosecutor fired in "Saturday Night Massacre" Archibald Cox
He assumed the presidency after Nixon resigned. Pardoned Nixon Gerald Ford
Place of French defeat that led U.S. to greater involvement in Vietnam Dien Bien Phu
Events here led to Pres. Johnson increasing U.S. involvement in Vietnam Gulf of Tonka???
Simultaneous communist guerilla attacks occurring throughout S. Vietnam attrition
U.S. Plan for withdrawal of troops from Vietnam Vietnamization
Bombing of North Vietnam which brought them to the negotiating table
Revealed the extent to which U.S. presidents increased involvement in Vietnam
Theory communists would spread across Southeast Asia if not stopped:
At the Geneva Accords, Vietnam was divided at this latitude:
President who didn't run for reelection
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