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Unit 3

Industrial Revolution & Immigration Study Guide

How did mass production help the Industrial Revolution? It made large quantities of goods faster and cheaper.
Which is NOT an example of how industry in the late 1880s gave people greater access to all kimds of goods? More goods were being invented and produced.
Which company was the first to use the assembly line? Ford
Which inventor is associated with being the first to invent a telephone? Alexander Graham Bell
Who were three (3) of the famous inventors of the Industrial Revolution Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and Samuel Morse
Who invented the electric light, phonograph, and movie camera? Thomas Edison
In an agrarian society, what do most people produce? agricultural products
Who invented an alphabet for the telegraph? Samuel Morse
What was replacing workers on farms? Machines
Skyscrapers are built with steel. Which businessperson would have helped to built a skyscraper? Andrew Carnegie
What two groups moved to cities at the turn of the century? farmers and immigrants
What was a result of the rise of big business in the late 1800s and early 1900s? The U.S. became the world's biggest producer of manufactured goods.
What was one result of rapid industrialization and urbanization? Cities became overcrowded
What is NOT one of the challenges faced by urban areas as a result of population and technological changes? Fewer workers were available for factory jobs.
Cities on the East Coast grew during the Industrial Revolution. The growth in cities was mainly due to which factor? The location of factories
Andrew Carnegie was best known for his involvement in which of the following industries? Steel
How did men like Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Morgan become wealthy and captains of industry? by controlling all aspects of the industry they worked in
Which was a major factor in causing urban populations to grow in the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s? Immigration
What was a common reason for people to immigrate to the United States? to find political and religious freedom
What is one thing that African Americans, Hispanic groups, Chinese immigrants, and Jews had in common in the late 1800s? Many faced prejudice and segregation in different areas of their lives.
What did Ellis Island and Angel Island have in common? Both were immigration stations for immigrants arriving in the country.
Which government agency tests and monitors food and drugs? the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
What was the goal of the temperance movement? to outlaw the sale and production of alcohol
The Eighteenth Amendment was passed in 1919, what did the amendment prohibit (stop)? the manufacture and sale of alcohol
Why was Roosevelt convinced that he must break up trusts? Trusts were driving out competition and charging unfair prices
Which is NOT one of the ways in which the Progressive Movement changed workplaces? Children could work in factories as long as they attended school
(BLANK) is NOT considered an achievement of the Progressives? Blue Laws
What are the Wright brothers accredited with? The invention of the airplane
What does agrarian mean? Farming
What does industrial mean? Factory/Manufacturing
People were not allowed to enter the U.S. if they (BLANK). Were sick Had prison records Had no money
What kind of neighborhood could people meet others who spoke their language, who ate the same foods, and often felt less homesick and less lonely? Ethnic Neighborhoods
Created by: portiavjohnson