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Chpt. 8 Riddle Cards

Chapter 8 Riddle Cards---- Madison Spencer

I am the colonies' new government. When? In 1774. Provincial Congress
I am someone who will fight! But only if someone will pay for me. mercenary
I am a war within one country. civil war
Me? I'm for the crown! loyalist
I am a fight between small groups. skirmish
I am a term where you take no sides. neutral
I am similar to neutral, but with me, there is no winner, and no losers!! stalemate
I am a document. I set up a government, and lay out the rules you will follow. constitution
The vote for me was taken on July 1, 1776. I am all for Independence!! Declaration of Independence
I try to take out an armed fort or town, by surrounding it, and cutting out it's supplies. siege
I take things. Like when the British _____ the property of SC leaders. confiscate
I will allow you to go home. Goodbye! parole
I am like a surprise party! But I attack the enemy. I am a type of warfare... guerrilla warfare
During the summer of 1775, was sent by the Provincial Congress to lead a group to try to persuade the Up Country residents to join the patriot side. William Henry Drayton
I was led by William Henry Drayton to help pursued the upcountry. I am an Upcountry patriot representative who is from Kershaw of Camden Joseph Kershaw
I was led by William Henry Drayton to help pursued the upcountry. I am an Upcountry patriot representative who is from the High Hills. Richard Richardson
Son of Thomas Lynch, Sr. I was joined by Rutledge. Thomas Lynch, Jr.
I was not eager for independence. I was in a group of four with Thomas Lynch, Jr., Arthur Middleton, and Edward Rutledge. Thomas Heyward
The fort on Sullivan’s Island was renamed Fort Moultrie because of me. I was the commander of the South Carolina militia. Arthur Middleton
I am a sergeant. A British cannonball knocked Fort Moultrie's flag over the wall. I went over the wall and rescued it. I was so heroic, that a county was named for me. William Moultrie
I am a sergeant. A British cannonball knocked Fort Moultrie's flag over the wall. I went over the wall and rescued it. I was so heroic, that a county was named for me. William Jasper
I am a general who helped win the Battle of Saratoga. Congress chose me as leader of an army. Horatio Gates
I attacked the British in Georgia, but it was unsuccessful. This was in September. I stopped the corruption of Charles Town. Benjamin Lincoln
I was executed in 1781 for being a traitor. I took arms after I accepted Isaac Hayne
I was a Colonel for British Troops who attacked and killed Virginians at Waxhaws Banastre Tarleton
I was in the Battle of Cowpens. I wanted to conjoin General Clinton’s army in New York City. I mounted an offensive against the Middle American colonies. Lord Cornwallis
I was nicknamed the swamp fox Francis Marion
I am known as the Gamecock. I led a raid with Francis Marion that kept the American's hopes up, but made the British angry. Thomas Sumter
At the Battle of Kings Mountain, the men of the Up Country were defeated by the loyalist troops led by me. Patrick Ferguson
I am a General that led American forces. I defeated British with help from Colonel Tarleton. Daniel Morgan
I am a General who strategically planned the battle of Cowpens with help from General Morgan. Nathanael Greene
I hosted Robert and William Cunningham, the loyalist leaders. Also John Lewis Gervais established a bill in 1786 to create a new capital near where the Broad and Saluda rivers meet, here! Ninety Six
I am a duchy in today's Thuringia Germany Saxe Gotha
I hold an unfinished fort! British General Henry Clinton wanted to capture the fort, and use it as a British Base. I was then renamed Fort Moultrie for General William Moultrie, after the commander of the South Carolina militia. Sullivan’s Island
I was originally named “Sullivan’s Island”. SC’s state flag was created from the battle I hosted. Fort Moultrie
I eventually was lost to the British in December 1778. Also the War for Independence was moved here, in 1777. Savannah
British troops under the command of Colonel Banastre Tarleton slaughtered a regiment of Virginians, here. I am also Present-Day Lancaster County. Waxhaws
A famous battle was located here. It started in August 16th, 1780. This was just a small battle within the American Revolutionary War. Camden
Some people think that the success of Bratton’s actions started the events leading to the patrioc victory here. I also hosted a great battle, where Guerrilla Warfare was first used. King's Moutain
I hosted a battle in January 17, 1781. I am also present-day Cherokee County Cow Pens
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