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Chapter 8 riddles

These are the Social Studies Chapter 8 Riddle Cards

I was a bunch of legislative bodies that established the thirteen colonies in the early American Revolution who am I Provincial Congress
I am professional hired by the government I will fight but not for the country I was born in what am I mercenary
I am a war that is fought with no "other" country what am I civil war
I am a person that will not go against what is right for us the government is the only solution what am I Loyalist
I will fight for my country we are the best country ever I will fight all the people that are here to harm us what am I Patriot
My fight is short what am I skirmish
I am Grey, Black, and white and I do not support A or B what am I Nuetral
I am when all hope is lost because we can no longer fight on there is nothing that can be done what am I Stalemate
I am written down then signed by a higher person to help with government problems what am I constitution
I am a document of when we wanted a chaplet from another country in the Summer what am I Declaration of Independence
I am when we blockaded a town to cut of their provender supply what am I Seige
I am to abduct something that is needed who am I confiscate, parole
I am a smaller battle or ambush that happens who am I guerrilla warfare
I help people with the things that they say have not been done by them, I also was a part of the government who am I William Henry Drayton
I was a leader a person to help in the war that was with no "other" countrywho am I Joseph Kershaw
I was a person that was really interested in the government I represented Norfolk South who am I Richard Richardson
I was one of the many signers of a very important document to take the British crown I was the represented for the palmetto state who am I Thomas Lynch Jr
I was the signer of the document that was here to get the crown I also signed the Articles of confederation who am I who am I Thomas heyward
I was a signer of the declaration I was from the old capital who am I Arthur Middleton
I was a person in control of the army during the war that was at first the Kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen British colonies in North America fighting who am I William Moultrie
I was a soldier in the war with the British and Thirteen British colonies who am I William Jasper
I was from Britain but I wanted to help the Americans during the revolutionary war who am I Horatio Gates
I was an american army officer who am I Benjamin Licoln
I am one of the soldiers that was brought to my death during the American war of indeoendence who am I Isaac Hayne
I was a British soldier and a polotition who am I Banastre Tarleton
I was a British Army officer who am I Lord Cornwallis
I was a military officer in the American Revolution I was called the Swamp Fox who am I Francis Marion
I was the Hero the Gamecock who am I Thomas Sumter
I was a Scottish officer in the British Army who am I Patrick Ferguson
I defeated the British in the battle of the cowpens who am I Daniel Morgan
I was a major general the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War who am I Nathanael Greene
I was a town in greenwood county where am I Ninety Six
I was in Thuringia, Germany where am I Saxe Gotha
I was a town near the Charleston Harbor where am I Sullivan's Island
I was a series of citadels on Sullivan's Island where am I Fort Moultrie
One of the first towns in Georgia that now has a river named after it where am I Savanah
I am a place that is on the border of North and South Carolina where am I waxhaws
I am The oldest city in South Carolina where am I where am I Camden
I am One of the first mountains of SC where am I where am I Kings moutain
I am the Battle during the American Revolution that defeat the British Where am I Cowpens
Created by: abdaniels