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Poly sci 17

poly sci 17

System breakdown major political malfunction or instability
coup from the french coup d'etat, hit at the state; extralegal takeover of government, usually by military
primordial groups people are born into, such as religions and tribes
terrorism political use of violence to weaken a hated authority
Jihadi from jihad (holy war); muslim holy warrior
praetorianism from the praetorian guard in ancient Rome; tendency of military takeovers
thinkpiece Essay based on logic rather than on firm evidence
analogy taking one thing as the model for another
dysanalogy showing that one thing is a poor model for another
relative deprivation feeling of some groups that they are missing out on economic growth
intellectuals educated people who think deeply about things
revolution sudden replacement of an old system by a new one
utopia an imagined and idealized perfect system
thermidor summer month of french revolutionary calendar that marked end of revolutionary extremism
shah persian for king
ayatollah top cleric in Shia Islam
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