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William Penn

What was the first name William Penn gtave to his colony? Sylvania
What English king gave William Penn his charter to establish a new colony? King Charles II
Why did King Chrles II give Penn the charter to start Pennsylvania? To pay a debt owed to William Penn's father
Where was William Penn born? London, England
What is the meaning of Philadelphia? City of brotherly love
What is a proprietor? Owner
Who was the proprietor of Pennsylvania? Willam penn
What is one thing that set Quakers apart from other religious groups who settled in the New World? Believed in noon-violence
In the 1600s and 1700s, the population of Pennsylvania grew how? Quickly
Settlers to Pennsylania came from where? England, along with many people from other European countries
What did Penn believe for people who settled in Pennsylvania? He believed in basic rights and self-government for the people. He also believed in freedom of worship for all people who settled in his colony.
How many times was William penn jailed in England for his Quaker beliefs? Three
How were Quakers treated in England? Criticized, imprisoned and put to death
What preacher convince William Penn to convert to Quakerism? Thomas Loe
What college did William Penn attend? Oxford University
Why was William Penn kicked out of Oxford? For opposing the university rule that all students had to attend the Church of England
How did the Quakers teat the Native Americans? Fairly, they just wanted to trade with them.
Where was the first settlement in Pennsylvania? Philadelphia
What was William Penn's father's occupation? naval officer
What was the main reason Quakers wanted to come to America? freedom of religion
In what year was the Pennsylvania colony founded? 1681
Created by: marthell