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roaring 20s

Charles Lindbergh was known for flying a plane from the us to Paris nonstop with only a tooth brush packed
Gertrude Ederle The first women to swim the English channel in 14 hours 31 minutes beating the team of a male swimmer
Warren g Harding - years in office 1921-1923
Warren g Harding - Political party republican
Giggle water means alcohol
Gin mill means place where alcohol was made
Pinch means arrest
Speakeasy means secret bar
Ossified means drunk
All wet means mistaken
19th amendment states women have the right to vote
flappers are a nickname for a daring girl
rakes are a nickname for a daring guy
what are some Major movie production companies Warner brothers, fox film corporation and paramount.
Important theater area Apollo theatre
Growth of radio- first radio station kdka
what did people listen to on the radio baseball games news and music
why was prohibition created to reduce crime and to stop men getting drunk and going home to beat the wife and kids
wets people who went against prohibiton
drys people who supported prohibition
AL Capone was a crime mobster who provided underground illegal bars to drink liquor
legal alcohol substance in the 1920s was called marijuana
what was the kkks beliefs that america should stay american
what was the kkks impacts on society racial discrimination
red scare made labor strikes which led to communism spreading from Lenin & the soviet union
Sacco and Vanzetti importance shows prejudice (anti-immigration/nativism)
Henry ford-model t a car built by ford motor company from 1908 to 1927
assembly line where an arangement of workers will be placed to assemble a car together
babe ruth was a famous baseball player who spent 22 years in the major leagues
calvin coolidge years in office 1923-1929
calvin coolidge political party republican
calvin coolidge is best known for silent cal and lowered taxes
warren g Harding is best known for tea pot dome scandal
significance of newspapers it gave advertisements for jobs, talked about current events and entertainment
Harlem renaissance renaissance came from the french word rebirth or revival the term refers to all of the African Americans who were recognized and won fame during the 1920s
louis armstrong a musician who was known for singing and playing the trumpet and was also African american
duke ellington american composer and pianist who wrote over 1,000 composition
black pride a slogan where it showed pride in being black
Marcus garvey a supporter of the black nationalism of the and pan-africanism movements inspiring nation of islam and the rastafarian movement
jazz a music style that originated in the early 1920s in the south
the charleston one of the well known famous dances in the 1920s
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