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french vocab more

fac faculty
faits divers new in brief
falaise cliff
familial domestic
fente crack
fer iron
fermeture eclair zip
feu de joie bonfire
fiancailles engagement
ficelle string
se fier to trust
fichier file
flacon bottle
flash flash
fleche arrow
flic cop
foie liver
fonctionnaire state employee
formation professionelle professional training
formule formula
foular scarf
foule crowd
se fouler la cheville to sprain one's ankle
fiur oven
fournir to provide
franchement frankly
francher to cross
frein brake
freiner to brake
fric cash
fuir to flee
fuite escape
fusil gun
futur future
galerie gallery
garder la ligne to keep one's figure
gas-oil / gazole diesel oil
gener to bother
gerant manager
gilet waistcoat
gilet de sauvetage life jacket
glacon ice cube
glisser to slide
gonfler to inflate
gosse kid
goutte drop
gouvernement government
grace a thanks to
gras fatty
gratte ciel skyscraper
grele hail
grenier loft
grenouille frog
greve strike
guerir to heal
guerre war
H.L.M council estate
habile skilful
haie hedge
hasard coincidence
hausse increase
hausser to raise
heberger to accomodate
heures d'affluence rush hours
heurter to knock into
Hexagone france
homme politique politician
honte shame
hors-taxe duty free
hygiene hygiene
ignorer not to know
immatricule registered
immobile motionless
importer to import
impots taxes
imprimante printer
imprimer to print
imprudent unwise
inadmissable inadmissible
incassable unbreakable
incendie fire
inclus included
indicatif dialling code
indispensable essential
individu individual
inondation flood
s'inscrire to put one's name down
insupportable unbearable
intervenir to intervene
interviewer to interview
Created by: ladywood