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Social studies

seperation of powers each branch or department of government has its own responsibilities and jobs
checks and balances each branch of the government has a job part of that to make sure the other branches are doing thier jobs
implied powers powers not stated in the U.S. constitution but assume people have them
executive president
concurent powers powers shared between the national state government
ratify to pass into law when the majority agrees
democracy government by the people because they have a say, through voting, in what government does
impeach accuse a government official of a wrong doing or a misuse of thier power
quorum congress can meet if 1 more than half,majority,of its members are president
inherent powers powers given to a person that are written in the U.S. constitution
habeas corpus "have the body"'written request to bring a person to court
jurisdiction the right to press charges and hold a trial
delegated powers powers given to the national government
republican government government that is elected by the people
reserved powers power only given to the state governments
census count of the people to determine the size of the population
article a section opf the U.S. constitution
override overrule have final say
majority one over half
unicameral 1 house
amend to change
bribery giving money to someone for a favor
convention a meeting
privilage a right
minority one less than
commerce exchanging goods
compromise to settle differences
expel to get rid of
executive president enforces laws
bicameral 2 houses
legislative house of representatives and senate
veto rejecting a proposed law
confederation a league or alliance
ex post facto law cannot be punished for a crime if it was not a crime when you did it
treason fighting or harming one's own government
bill of attainer government declaring a person guilty of a crime and punishing them without trial
judicial supreme court,defines laws
delegate a person chosen to speak for others
constitution a system of laws to live by
appeal if found guilty in court, ask a higher court to change the outcome or verdict
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