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Unit 3 Questions

Social Studies Test

• What was George Washington’s warning when he completed his term as president? o Political dangers they must avoid if they are to remain true to remain true to their values
What word means "non-involvement" in world affairs? o Isolationism o Not participating in international economic and political relations
What was reconstruction? o Effort to reorganize the seceded states and bring them back into the union o Building again
What is imperialism? o Policy in which a strong nation seeks to dominate other countries politically, socially, and economically
Which president was most involved in imperialism? o Teddy Roosevelt o He sought colonies and ports all over the world to exert American influence
What were some conflicts caused by it, and the results? o Anti-imperialists fought approval of the treaty and didn’t want them to expand into foreign land o Americans said rule over Philippines contradicted US principles
Where in the world was it taking place? Phillipines, Cuba, Puerto Rico.
What is "white man's burden"? o White race to provide care for nonwhite subjects o Duty of Europeans to spread Christianity and western civilization
How many immigrants arrived in the US in 1907? More than 1 million (1,285,000) 60% from Europe
How many returned home in 1908? Not very accurate, leaving without mentioning-very common.
What is yellow journalism? o Exploits, distorts, exaggerates news to create sensations and attract readers (Pat Tillman)
Can Yellow Journalism happen today? Yes.
What is the Maine? o Mine exploded accidently in Cuba’s Havana Bay crippling the American Maine Warship in 1898
Where is Panama? Central America
Identify four lands the US gained control of following the Spanish-American War? Philippines, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Panama.
What did Teddy Roosevelt want to build in Panama? A canal
Why was Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated? o Austria-Hungary Prince of Hungary and Bohemia and his wife killed in 1914 due to ethnic and nationalistic intentions by Serbia
Define Allied Powers The triple entente Great Britain United Kingdom France Russia (Later US and Italy)
Define Central Powers Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire
What were four new methods to kill people during world war 1? better guns, gas (chemical warfare), tanks, and airplanes
what was americas attitude after the war? women showed strength and independence, politicians weren't ready to give them the right vote, men were serving over seas, women held up jobs
what did we fear? foreign people, the red scare
what is an armistice? an agreement to end the fighting
when did WWI armistice occur? o Allies and Germany ended the first World War on November 11, 1918
how was germany punished?
Created by: briannab10