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what is the U.S. Constitution? a new framework of government that drew on many enlightened ideas
What is an encyclopedia? a series of books, that shared ideas and what was going on, spread enlightened ideas
What is a salon? social gathering for discussing ideas or enjoying art
What is the enlightenment? an 18th-century European movement in which thinkers attempted to apply the principles of reason and the scientific method to all aspects of society
What is the Scientific Method? A method of data in which a problem is identified, relevant date is gathered, a hypothesis is formulated from the data, and the hypothesis is tested
What are the natural rights that all humans have? Life, Liberty, and Property
how did the constitution divide power? - separation of power into 3 branches of government - used checks and balances -set up federal system power put into hands of people & had fair system of justice protected the right to free speech and freedom of religion
what are the 5 principles of enlightened philosophy? Reason, Nature, Progress, Liberty, Happiness
what is the social contract? an agreement that people created the government
what is the enlightened despot? 18th century monarchs that were inspired by enlightenment ideals to rule justly, and respect rights of suspect
What are separation of powers and checks and balances? more than one person making the decisions
What is the American Revolution? war over independence
Who was Votaire? philosophe that believed that never stopped fighting for tolerance, religion, reason, freedom of speech, and freedom of religious belief
Who was Rousseau? a philosophe that believed that even though we're free, we're still treated like prisoners
Who was wollstonecraft? a philosophe that believed that women, like men, need education to become virtuous and useful
what did Ben Franklin do? layed out 3 branches of government: executice, legislative, and judicial
what did Thomas Jefferson do? Wrote Declaration of Independence
Who was Montesquieu? a phiisophe that believed in separation of powers and checks and balances
Who was Beccaria? a philisophe that strongly disagreed with torturing of whitnesses and suspects,and irregular procedings in trials and punishments
Who was Hobbes? NOT A PHILISOPHE! - believed in absolute monarchy -believed that all humans are naturally selfish and wickid
Who is Locke? - leader of the philisophes -believed in constitional monarchy believed that all humans are free and equal and are born with 3 natural rights: Life, Libery, and property
Who is Catherine the Great? another of the rulers influenced by enlightened ideas.... ruled after Charles I
What did Catherine the Great do? -tried to reform Russia's laws but met resistance -hoped to end serfdom... but a bloody peasants' revolt made her change her mind -gave nobles even more power over serfs instead -managed to get new land 4 Russia
When Catherine the Great was ruling, what did Russia, Prussia and Austria agree to? -to divide Poland among themselves.... as result, Poland disappeared as a separate nation for almost 150 years
What was the impact of the Enlightenment? -We still use and believe all of the ideas of the Enlightenment today - the constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence were created then, and are still very important to our country today
what is an absolute monarch? -a monarch that has one ruler that has absolute power -rules by divine right, centralized control and checks and balances
what is a constitutional monarchy? a monarchy that has more than one ruler that is under the law
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