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AC US History

Progressive Movement

Name one problem that lead to progressivism. -work conditions -rights for women and children -crime -urban conditions -social welfare
Name a problem of the 1890's. -huge gap between rich and poor -tremendous economic & political power of the rich -wealther people tended to flaunt their money -industrial workers were hideously poor
What were the four goals of reformers? 1. Protect social welfare 2. Promote moral improvement 3. Create economic reform 4. Political corruption
What were the journalists and urban photographers called who exposed people to the plight of the unfourtunate in hopes of sparking reform? Muckrakers
What were some political reforms? -tried to put more power in the hands of the people -innovative changes in city government -more fair elections
Whats a direct primary? Where voters select a party's candidate for public office.
Whats the 17th amendment? Where voters elect their senators directly.
Whats a secret ballot? Where people vote privately without fear of coercion
What does initative mean? It allows citizens to propose new laws.
What does referendum mean? It allows citizens to vote on a proposed or existing law.
What does recall mean? It allows voters to remove an elected official from office.
The Sherman anti-trust was..? It was to prevent any businesses structures that restrains trade.
The Clayton anti-trust was..? It was to expand Sherman by outlawing price fixing.
What were some social & moral reforms? -child labor laws -limit working hours & minimum wages -workers compensation -Keating-Owens Act of 1916 -prohibition initatives -minimum safty standards on the job -minimum standards for housing codes -city beautification
Which president is known as the "trust buster?" President Theodore Roosevelt.
Define the pure food and drug act. Outlawed food and drugs containing harmful ingredients and required containers to list ingredients.
Define meat inspection act. Required federal government inspections of meant shipped across state lines and made meat processing plants cleaner.
Whats the 16th Amendment? Federal income tax.
Whats the 18th Amendment? Prohibition.
Whats the 19th Amendment? Vote for women.
Created by: MeganNicole2971