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Preble SS11: Ch 25

The Great Depression and the New Deal

Assembly line manufacturing using a conveyor belt to move materials to workers who stay in one place to work
Credit arrangement for delayed payment of a loan or purchase
Installment buying paying for items in small monthly payments
Laissez faire theory that business, if free of government regulation, will act in ways that benefit the nation
Speculation buying and selling risky items in the hope of making a quick profit
Tariff tax on imported goods
Great Depression the serious and world-wide economic decline of the 1930's
Public works government-funded projects to assist individuals, families, and communities in need
Stock market crash of 1929 plunge in stock market prices that market that the beginning of the Great Depression
Warren G. Harding 29th president, served from 1921-1923 with a focus on peace abroad and prosperity at home
Calvin Coolidge 30th president, served from 1923-1929 with a pro-business aim
Herbert Hoover Republican president who failed to halt the Great Depression
Deficit spending using borrowed money to fund government programs
Socialism economic system in which members of a society own businesses equally
Dust bowl Region including parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico in which farms were damaged by dust storms
Eleanor Roosevelt Wife of FDR who helped him monitor New Deal programs and became a strong voice for women and minorities
Fireside chats series of radio talks in which FDR explained his policies in a casual style
First New Deal 1933 - 1935 program created by President Roosevelt to fight the Depression
Second New Deal 1935 - 1937 extension of Roosevelt's First New Deal
Social Security Act law creating fund for assisting retired workers and the unemployed
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Democratic president who created the New Deal to counter the effects of the Great Depression
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