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History(The rise of fascism in Germany)

Who was Adolf Hitler? The leader of the German Nazi Party
Where and when was he born? Austria, 1889
Who did Hitler hate? Non-Germans- particularly Jews
What was the Nazi Party? The national socialist workers party
Who were the November criminals? and why? The Weimer Republic. Because they agreed ceasefire with the Allies
Why was Hitler sentenced to five years in prison? Because of his failed attempt to seize power in Munich in 1923
What did Hitler do whilst in prison? Wrote a book. A Nazi philosophy. Mein Kampf (My Struggle
Mention three things Hitler said he would do when he came to power in Germany? Get rid of war guilt clause. Destroy the Jews. Get more Lebensraum for Germany. Tear up the Treat of Versailles and unite German with Austria
Who were the SA or storm troopers? Hitlers private army led by Ernst Rohm. Commonly knowing as the brownshirts
What was the job of the brownshirts? Protect Nazi meetings and break up meetings of opponents
Who were the SS? Hitlers private bodygaurd
What was the Wall street Crash and when was it? Bankruptcy in the US in 1929
Who did Hitler accuse of Germany's problems? The delegates who signed the Treaty of Versailles. The Jews and communists. Weimer politicians.
What is Reichstag? German parliment
What happened in January 1933? Hitler became Chancellor of Germany(head of government)
What was the Enabling act? and when was it set up? The act that gave Hitler the power to rule by decree. February 1933
What was the Gestapo? The secret police
What was the Night of the long knives? When Rohm critised Hitler and Hitler sent the Gestapo to murder Rohm. More than 400 people where murdered,this was in 30 June 1934
What was the Wehrmacht? German Armed forces
What did Hitler call himself? Der Fuhrer(the leader)
What was the Third Reich? Empire
What was the Hitler Youth Movement? When Hitler decided to train children as committed Nazi's
Whats was the League of German maidens? Hitlers league that girls were enrolled in to be mothers of the soldiers of the Reich
What does Volkswagen mean? Peoples car
What was Anti-Semitism? Hatred of Jews
What was the Night of the broken glass or Krystallnacht? When Hitler ordered the Jews to pay compensation to state the damage done to their own property.( Even though the Nazi's did the damage) This was in November 19398
Name two places where there were concentration camps Auschwitz and Dachau
What was the final solution? When Hitler announced to exterminate all Jews under German rule
What was the Holocaust? The murdering of 6 million Jews
When the the Allies liberate concentration camps? 1944 and 1945
Created by: Chimozukee