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History(Fascist Italy)

Who was Benito Mussolini? The Italian fascist dicator
What was Mussolini's title and what did it mean? IL Duce. The leader
When and where was Mussolini born? Italy 1883
When was the Italian fascist party formed? 1919
What was the communist symbol? A red flag
Who were the blackshirts(sqadristi)? The Italian fascist party
What was the job of the brownshirts? Restoring law and order by breaking up strikes and attacking communist meetings
What was the March on Rome? The marching of 30,000 fascists on Rome when the Italian government failed to solve Italys problems
When was the March on Rome October 1922
When Mussolini became prime minister, who did he replace? Luigi Fatca
What was the Acerbo law? The law Mussolini set up stating that the party with the majority votes in an election would have 2/3 of the seats in parliment
When was the Acerbo law set up? 1923
What was the CORPORATE STATE? When each government of Italy known as co-operates ran a different center. 22 corporations in total
What is propaganda? A form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community
What was the Lateran treaty and concordat? When Mussolini settled the old quarrel between the Pope and Italy in 1929
What did the Lateran Treaty and concordat state? It gave the Pope and independent Vatican State within Rome. Made Catholisim the official religion in Italy
What did Mussolini do in 1925 Invaded Abyssinia
What was the Rome-Berlin axis? The Alliance with Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler
What was the Rome-Berlin Axis changed to? The Pact of Steal
When did Italy join WWII? 1940
When was Mussolini captured and killed At the end of the war in 1945
Created by: Chimozukee