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heritage 5 chapter 6

bju heritage 5 chapter 6

return to normalcy President Harding promised
3 names of the 1920's Jazz Age, Dazzling Decade, Roaring Twenties
3 ways America changed after WWI music, women vote, Warren Harding president
outlawed the making and selling of alcoholic drinks 18th Amendment
Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony promoted women's right to vote
amendment to Constitution which allowed women to vote 19th Amendment
one of the most popular actors of silent films Rudolph Valentino
People listened to Jack Dempsey's boxing matches on the radio
The young people of the 1920's called themselves the lost generation
famous baseball player who became concerned for people's souls Billy Sunday
women who wore shorter skirts, rouge, and lipstick and bobbed their hair flappers
Evangelists encouraged people to put their trust in Jesus during revivals
Evangelist who preached in the southern part of the United States Bob Jones
Popular author who wrote about the attitudes and values of the twenties generation F. Scott Fitzgerald
Fans flocked to baseball games hoping to see him hit a home run Babe Ruth
Men who made million of dollars through illegal activities gangsters
Billy Sunday trusted Christ for salvation after hearing a gospel message at the Pacific Garden Mission
Guidelines of behavior manners
A mobster who was blamed for the St. Valentine's Day massacre Al Capone
Approve an amendment to the constitution ratify
Places where alcohol was sold in secrety speakeasies
The right to vote sufferage
A style of music jazz
The ban that made it illegal to make or sell alcohol prohobition
A written request for a right or benefit from someone in authority petition
2 famous policemen who tried to close down the speakeasies Izzy Einstein and Moe Smith
a neighborhood in New York City, New York Harlem
Artistic movement among the black people of Harlem Harlem Renaissance
collected books, pambphlets, poems and pictures about African Americans Arthur Schomburg
make large quanities of their products mass produce
made products cheaper to make and repair interchangeable parts and assembly lines
real estate property
the pilot who made the first successful solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean Charles Lindbergh
pieces made exactly the same to fit any car interchangeable parts
a popular state for buying real estate in 1924 and 1925 Florida
to make more products in less time mass produce
the movement in which African Americans began to preserve their culture Harlem Renaissance
the place where Lindbergh began his solo flight New York
payments people make to a bank to pay back a loan installments
economic growth bull market
part of a company available to buy at the stock exchange; shares stock
the process of a bank loaning a person money to be paid back credit
economic loss bear market
the period when stock prices were higher than any other time Big Bull Market
What happened in 1929 the stock market crashed
Created by: foustk
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