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First Australians

Study for the upcoming quiz on the First Australians Documentary

Who is Bennelong? A First Australian leader. He helped establish relations between the British settlers and the First Australians.
Who is McIntyre? A British gameskeeper for Governor Phillip. He was known for killing many First Australians.
Who is Pemulway? A First Australian warrior that killed McIntyre with a death spear as retribution for killing First Australians.
Who is Arthur Phillip? The governor assigned by Britain to lead the settling of Australia.
Who is Lieutenant Dawes? A British officer that worked to understand the culture of the First Australians.
Who is James Cook? He discovered Australia and claimed the land for Britain.
Who is Windradyne? He was an Aboriginal warrior and resistance leader of the Wiradjuri nation.
What is terra nullius? How does it relate to the colonization of Australia? An international law that describes territory that nobody owns so that the first nation to discover it is entitled to take it over, as "finders keepers". The British claimed Australia as they deemed the land uncultivated and uninhabited.
What are convicts? How does it relate to the colonization of Australia? Prisoners. The First Fleet was made up of convicts and military officers. They are the founders of Australia.
What does decimation mean? How does it relate to the colonization of Australia? To completely destroy something. The First Australian culture was decimated by the smallpox disease.
What is ethnocentrism? How does it relate to the colonization of Australia? A belief that one's own culture is superior to another. The British felt as though their culture was superior to that of the First Australians.
What is retribution? How does it relate to the colonization of Australia? Payback. The First Australian culture believed that if a wrong is done, it needs to be paid back to make things right. Spearing of Phillip and killing of McIntyre.
What is an obituary? How does it relate to the colonization of Australia? A notice of someone's death. The British obituary of Bennelong shows that they were upset with him for not adopting the British culture and going back to his culture.
What is the Martial Law? How does it relate to the colonization of Australia? A law that set by the British government stating settlers can take action against First Australians if they or the land is threatened. Many settlers used this law as an excuse to kill First Australians.
What is a martyr? Someone that sacrifices his/herself for the good of others.
What effect did smallpox have on the First Australians? It nearly killed all the First Australians. Some nations were entirely wiped out and others nearly wiped out meaning political structures had to be redefined.
What was the effect of McIntyre's death? Governor Phillip ordered his men to capture and kill 6 First Australians as a consequence. The men failed but relations between the British settlers and First Australians was strained.
What was the effect of Bennelong's kidnapping? Many First Australians were upset. Bennelong ran away as soon as he got the chance and retribution was complete when Phillip was speared. After that, relations were better between the two groups.
What was the effect of the martial law on the First Australians? Many British settlers used the law as an excuse to kill First Australians.
What was the effect of the settlers grabbing land to farm on the First Australians? First Australians were pushed off their land and couldn't hunt large territories anymore. This was a threat to the survival of the First Australians, so they needed to trespass and steal food to survive.
Created by: spetersiskl
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