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Social Studies voca

Puritan A member of the Church of England who settled in North America
Dissenter A person whose views are different from those held by most people
Colony A group of people who leave their native country to form a new land settlement, subject to, or connected with the parent nation
Founded to establish or set up
Religious Freedom the right to choose a religion without the interference of the government
Fertile Producing crops in great abundance
Quaker A member of the religious society of friends, a Christian movement founded by George Fox in about 1650 and devoted to peaceful principals
Proprietor an owner
Debtor A person who owes money
Jamestown The first permanent English settlement in North America
Indentured Servants a person who agreed to work for an amount of time in exchange for the cost of housing, food, and the voyage to North America
Toleration act of 1649 a bill presented to the colonial assembly in Maryland that made it a crime to restrict the religious rights of Christians
Slave Codes Laws to control slaves (example some colonies restricted slaves not allowing them to hold meeting or own weapons)
Frontier A region just beyond or at the edge of a settled area
Southern Colonies A group of colonies in the South that specialized in cash crops, had very fertile farmlands, and had plantations and slavery
Bacon's Rebellion In 1676 a group of former indentured servants led by Nathaniel Bacon attacked some friendly American Indians. Bacon opposed the governor's policies promoting trade with American Indians. He also thought the colonists should be able to take the Indians' la
John Smith A ships captain that took control of the Jamestown colony and built a fort in 1608. He forced the settlers to work harder and to build better housing by creating rules that rewarded harder workers with food.
Olaudah Equiano a former slave who recorded his experiences detailing the viciously brutal conditions for many inhabitants of the southern colonies.
Pocahontas A native American who married John Rolfe. She was the daughter of the Powhatan leader. Their marriage helped the colonist form more peaceful relationships with the Powhatan indians.
Anne Hutchinson an out spoken woman who publicly discussed religious ideas that some leaders thought were radical. She believed that people's relationship with God did nor need guidance from ministers.
Immigrants people who have left their country of their birth to live in another country.
Squanto A Patuxet indian who helped the Pilgrimas to learn to fertilize the soil with fish remains. He also helped the Pilgrams establish relations with the local Wampanoag Indians.
John Winthrop Led a fleet of ships from England in 1630 carrying Puritan colonists heading for Massachusetts to seek religious freedom.
Mayflower Compact A legal contract  that was signed by the male passengers on the Mayflower in which they agree to have fair laws to protect the general good. 
Pilgrims A separatist group that left England in the early 1600's to escape persecution.  
Created by: angelacho98