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Bordetella obligate aerobe extracellular pathogen oxidase positive (+) asaccharolytic transmission is inhalation
Bordetella bronchiseptica can culture on blood/MacConkey agar causes bronchopneumonia in dogs, cats, and pigs causes atophic rhinitis in pigs causes tracheobronchitis in dogs "kennel cough"
Bordetella pertussis fastidious human-adapted causes tracheobronchitis "whooping cough" must culture on BORDET-GENOU agar
Brucella species B. abortus-->cows, dogs, horses, humans B. canis-->dogs, humans B. melitensis-->sheep, humans B. ovis-->sheep ONLY B. suis-->pigs, humans ______________________ CO2 requirements H2S production urease activity inhibited by fuschin and thionin
Brucella smooth species HAVE somatic antigens B. abortus B. melitensis B. suis
Brucella rough species B. canis B. ovis
Brucella serologic tests for smooth species CARD TEST: tests for IgG, acid pH inactivates IgM 2-MERCAPTOETHANOL: tests for IgG, 2-mercaptoethanol inactivates IgM RIVANOL TEST: tests for IgG, rivanol inactivates IgM
Brucella infection basics INTRACELLULAR pathogens can penetrate INTACT mm's primary mode of transmission = ingestion
Brucella abortus bovine-adapted fastidious, ox +, saccharolytic abortion in 5th month of gestation orchitis in males
Brucella canis DOG ox +, saccharolytic abortion in 2nd and 3rd month orchitis/epididymitis
Brucella melitensis SHEEP ox +, saccharolytic abortion orchitis/epididymitis
Brucella ovis SHEEP more of an STD? ox -, asaccharolytic subclinical in females (some abortions) epididymitis, orchitis, poor sperm quality in males
Brucella suis PIG abortion, stillborn, weak piglets usually subclinical in males
Bovine Brucellosis bacteria do not proliferate before female reaches sexual maturity phagocytized by neutrophils/macrophages, transported to tissues by macrophages growth enhanced by erythritol (produced in prego uterus) only cell-mediated immunity helps
Bovine Brucellosis DX serology tests standard tube agglutination, card test, rivanol, 2-mercaptoethanol, compliment-fixation, milk ring test (use B. abortus antigen stained w/ tetrazolium dye on pooled milk sample, antibodies will agglutinate the antigens & rise to the surface --> blue ring)
Burkholderia blood agar ox + saccharolytic obligate aerobe includes Burkholderia mallei and Burkholderia pseudomallei
Burkholderia mallei HORSE nonmotile causes cutaneous, pulmonary, and ulcerative glanders (nodules w/ yellow caseous purulent material) use mallein to ID infected horses (+ rxn is swelling at site in injection)
Burkholderia pseudomallei wide host range motile with POLAR flagella causes meliodosis (similar to glanders)
Francisella (tularensis) can penetrate INTACT mm's wide host range fastidious -- cysteine ox - saccharolytic obligate aerobe causes tularemia transmission mostly direct contact distinguish subspp. on ability to metabolize glycerol
Moraxella (bovis) blood agar ox + asaccharolytic obligate aerobe high solar radiation BOVINE keratoconjunctivitis (direct contact) only ROUGH strains WITHOUT somatic antigens are virulent
Pseudomonas (aeruginosa) motile, POLAR blood/MacConkey agar obligate aerobe* terminal e- acceptor is NITROGEN purulent green exudate life-threatening in burn pt's
Taylorella (equigenitalis) fastidious (X&V, capnophilic) ox + saccharolytic FACULTATIVE anaerobe EQUINE CONTAGIOUS METRITIS: female repro. tract, STD, infertility earlier on in process, use serologic test 2-6 wks PI to DX
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