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What produced type of current Alternator
What are three advantages of Alternators vs Generators? Lighter weight, Cheaper to maintain, and Less prone to overloading
Define Amp. It is the flow rate
Define volt The measure of electromagnetic force. Volts are pressure that push amps to give power.
Define Alternating Current It is a current that changes direction
Define Direct Current It is a current that flows in one direction
What does the Master Switch do? It controls the entire electrical system
What is the main purpose of battery Provide a means of starting the engine
What does two types of Ammeter do? One reflects current flowing to or from the battery and another type displays the load placed on the alternator and is often called a loadmeter
Voltage Regulator Controls the rate of charge to the battery by what stabilizing
Overvoltage Relay Located in ? alternator
What takes the alternator offline if the output exceeds a predetermined value Overvoltage Relay
What are the advantages of alternators over generators? Alternators produce enough current to operate the entire electrical system even at slower engine speeds. The electrical output of an alternator is more constant throughout a wide range of engine speeds.
What is the function of a bus bar? It is used as a terminal in the airplane electrical system to connect the main electrical system to the equipment using electricity as a source of power.
What is electromotive force? The pressure in a circuit
The resistance to flow in an electrical circuit is measured in _______. Ohm
Can the alternators work without the battery? No
Does ignition rely on the battery? Ignition relies on magnetos using electromagnetic force
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