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Industry Review

soical studies review game

The capitalist factory owners wanted to more money and more money
What is socialism is when the government control the factories land and production of goods.
What did the factory owners do to the workers low the payment
What Monopoly Total control
What is the factory system A method of production that brought machines and workers together in one place.
What is the Domestic system System was based on the industrial goods.
What is the agriculture? sweeping change in farming
what is Urbanization movement of people from rural area cities.
Who popularized it and when was it popularized? Karl Marx Came up in the Late 1800’s
What was a major problem caused by urbanization? didn’t have much food supply diseases spread quickly crowded conditions
Where did people move to during the Industrial Revolution? Textiles
What was the first industry to experience the Revolution? Agriculture
What was the industry like before the revolution? Used human and Animal power was replaced with Machine Power.
What was the first industry to use mills and factories to improve production? Textile Making of Cloth
Where did the Industrial Revolution spread to after England? United States brought by Samuel Slater Japan Commodore Matthew Perry
Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in England? Natural Resources available workforce Very High Agricultural Production Raw Materials Capitalism
Created by: NahomiEllis