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European Exploration

4th grade study of european exploration

First European to Discover the Americas Christopher Columbus
An Italian explorer who sailed for the English. In 1497,he became the first European to set foot on the North American mainland John Cabot
An explorer who sailed for the Spanish with Christopher Columbus. he saw the Florida coast in 1513 the first European to explore what is now the United States. Juan Ponce de León
First European to see the Pacific OceanIn 1513 he crossed the Isthmus of Panama and found the Pacific Ocean. He had been hoping to find gold during his exploration. Vasco Núñez de Balboa
First to Explore Canada. In 1534, he explored the St. Lawrence River Valley Jacques Cartier
He also gave France its first North American claim to land. Jacques Cartier
In 1610, He discovered the Hudson Bay in Canada and the Hudson River in New York. Henry Hudson
Native American group that lived near the coast, in the area around Jamestown, Virginia Powhatans
The Captain started trade relationships with the Powhatans. John Smith
Who is Pocahontas The daughter of the Chief Powhatan
What did Pocahontas believe? the English and Powhatans could live in harmony and started a friendship with the colonists.
What were the new crops the Powhatan's introduced to the English? Corn and tobacco
Where did the Pequot war take place along the Connecticut River.
What year did the Pequot war take place? 1637
What year did the Pequot war end? 1638
What war took place in 1675-1676 King Philip's War
What was the name the English called Metacom? King Philip
What was the name of the tribe Metcom was chief of? Wampanoag
About how many people were killed in the King Philip war? about 600 English and 3000 Native Americans
What was an outcome of John Cabot's attempt to find the Northwest Passage? Cabot was the first European explorer to find North America's mainland.
Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean when he crossed what is known today as Panama. This discovery was accidental. What was Balboa hoping to find? gold
Created by: Escherica
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