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Earthquake A vibration in the earth caused by a brust of energy.
Fault A line or crack in the earth that can cause earthquakes.
Seismologist A scientist who studies earthquakes
Crust Earth's outerlayer.
Mantel The layer of earth beneath the crust.
Lithosphere The cool soilid outter layer of the earth.
Lithospheric plates Pices of earth's fractured crust.
Pwave A type of semic wave that compresses an expands the ground.
Swave A type of sesmic wave that moves the ground up and down or side to side.
Surface waves A type sesmic wave that formes when Pwaves and Swaves reach the earth's surface.
Sismec wave Vibrations that travel through earth carring the energy during an earthquake.
Manitude The measurement of an earthquake's stregth based on semic waves and movement along faults.
Richter Scale A scale that rates an earthquake's magnitude based on the size of its sesmic waves.
Mercalli scale A scale that rates earthquakes according to thier intensity and how much damage they cause ina peticular place.
Movement- Magnitude scale A scale that rates earthquakes by estimating the total energy released by an earthquke.
liquefaction the act or process of liquefying or making liquid.
Aftershock a small earthquake or tremor that follows a major earthquake.
tsunami large sea wave produced by a sea quake or undersea volcanic eruption.
Base Isolated Building A building mounted on bearings designed to absorb the energy of an earthquake
Tension Stress that stretches rock so that it becomes thinner in the middle
Compression Stress that squeezes rock until it folds or breaks
Shearing stress that pushes masses of rock in opposite direction in a sideways movement
Strike-Slip Fault A type of fault where rocks on earthier side move past each other sideways with little up-or-down motion
Normal Fault A type of fault where the hanging wall slides down word; caused by tension in the crust
Reverse fault A type of fault where the hanging wall slides up ward; caused by compression in the earth
Plateau A land form that has high elevation and a more or less surface
Magma Molten rock
Lava Molten rock from a volcano
Viscosity The property of a fluid that resists the force tending to cause the fluid to flow.
Silica occurring especially as quartz sand, flint, and agate
Pahoehoe basaltic lava having a smooth or billowy surface.
Aa basaltic lava having a rough surface.
Volcanic ash The ash that comes out of a volcanic eruption.
Crater the cup-shaped depression or cavity on the surface of the earth or other heavenly body marking the orifice of a volcano.
Vent an opening at the earth's surface from which volcanic material, as lava, steam, or gas, is emitted.
Cinders any residue of combustion; ashes
bombs a rough spherical or ellipsoidal mass of lava, ejected from a volcano and hardened while falling.
Valcano a vent in the earth's crust through which lava, steam, ashes, etc., are expelled, either continuously or at irregular intervals.
Pyrolastic flow fragments of volcanic origin, as agglomerate, tuff, and certain other rocks; volcaniclastic.
Hot springs a thermal spring having water warmer than 98°F (37°C):
Element one of a class of substances that cannot be separated
cinder cone volcano a small, conical volcano built of ash and cinders.
compost volcano volcanoes have both tephra and lava material erupt from it.
Seild volcano look like dome-shaped mountain
dike a bank of earth formed of material being excavated
batholith large body of intrusive igneous rock believed to have crystallized at a considerable depth below the earth's surface; pluton.
sill a tabular body of intrusive igneous rock, ordinarily between beds of sedimentary rocks or layers of volcanic ejecta.
pipe A vertical conduit below a volcano through which magma has passed and that has become filled with solidified magma, volcanic breccia, and fragments of older rock.
magmachamber reservoir of magma in the earth's crust where the magma may reside temporarily on its way from the upper mantle to the earth's surface
dormant volcano not erupting
active volcano erupting
extinct dead volcano
geyser 1. a hot spring that intermittently sends up fountainlike jets of water and steam into the air.
caldera basinlike depression resulting from the explosion or collapse of the center of a volcano.
lava plateau a flat layer of molten rock
ring of fire the linear zone of seismic and volcanic activity that coincides in general with the margins of the Pacific Plate.
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