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What are the four factors that influence the selection of instructional material? Individual Learner Needs, Interest and Motivational Levels, Opportunities for Social Interaction, and Diversity
Why is it important to emphasize social skills with students when selecting instructional materials? It is important in order to help students develop their interpersonal relationships and communication skills.
What are the three stages of learning according to the text? 1) acquisition level 2) fluency 3) generalization
At the acquisition level, materials should provide opportunities for _______? extensive teacher participation
Students must practice to gain ___. fluency
Students should first practice in a ______ situation then in a _______ situation. guided, independent
Name five of the twelve reasons textbooks can be titled ineffective? readability too difficult, high sophisticated vocabulary, too many concepts, inappropriate sequencing, unclear directions, insufficient practice and review, inadequate emphasis of key points, confusing organization, format, and layout, abstract material
Provide an example of how a teacher can adapt the readability of instructional material to fit students' special needs. The teacher could provide outlines or study guides to accompany the text or highlight essential information in the text.
Name three of the right suggestions to follow when creating teacher-made tests. 1) Type the tests 2)Let students write on test 3) Do not use all capital letters 4)provide scrap paper 5) do not use front and back 6) vary the response mode 7) use cues 8)consider the readability
What is one way to modify instructional materials to meet the needs of students who are culturally and linguistically diverse? The teacher should use media, pictures and glossaries.
T/F: Teachers use the "thinking aloud" strategy when using cognitive strategy teaching. True
What are the steps of metacogntive instruction? 1)Identify the task 2)Choose a strategy 3)Teach the Strategy 4)Explain the Benefits of the Strategy 5)Provide Guided Practice 6)Provide Feedback 7)Teach students how to generalize the use of the strategy
What are the four strategies of reciprocal teaching? Summarizing, questioning, clarifying, and predicting
A technique in which the teacher models his or her thinking processes while performing a task; then the students practice alone is called? Cognitive Behavior Modification
What are the two integrated characteristics of the self-regulated instruction model? developing composition skills and self-regulation strategies
What are the two components of balanced instruction in Special Education? literature-based and direct instruction
What are the six instructional procedures of direct instruction? cueing attention, modeling, overt student response, immediate feedback, testing individual child, and teaching mastery
What is the first step in developing UDL units? select the unit theme or topic
Teachers should use ____ _____ and _____ ____ during the instruction of UDL units. graphic organizers and guided notes
Social skills interventions usually fall into which two areas? skill-based approach and a problem-solving approach
______ ________ is identified as one of the promising interventions for special education students. peer tutoring
Study skills represent the key to ______ ________. independent learning
What are the five components of study skill instruction? 1)functional and meaningful, 2) useful and necessary, 3)direct, informed, explanatory instruction 4) explain when and why the skill is helpful (used and applied) 5) lucid and enjoyable material
What are the three strategies acquisition (gaining) information? listening, note taking and comprehension
What are two strategies to help organize and memorize material? Underline and highlight
Before a test, a teacher should teach strategies that are _____ and _____. general and specific
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