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Antebellum Period SS

Antebellum Period review

Which was the first replublican rpesident? abraham lincoln
what was the final decision taht ended the antebellum period? Dred SCott Decision
What was the latitude line that sad no slave states above this line? 36 30N
The compromise that gave us california compromise of 1850
compromise that gave us maine c. of 1820
missouri came inot the union as this type of state slave
abolitionist used violence to do away with slavery in kansas in 1850s John Brown
supreme court jsutic who made the final decicion for dred scott roger taney
GA platform was formed by these three GA pliticians Toombs, Cobb, Stephens
year missouri was approved as a slave state 1821
final event before the south seceded and the civil war began lincoln's election
how kansas, nebraska, new mexico, and utah would decide if they were going to be slave or free popular soverignty
discovery of gold at sutter's mill brought about gold rush and this state became a free state california
what was discovered in 1849? gold
invention causd need for more slave and civil war cotton gin
seciton of the country favored high tariffs north
section of country had fewer miles of railroad track than the other south
belief state government is more important than national state's rights
belief that one section of the country is more important than another secution sectionalism
where did the compromise of 1820 demand the slave trade to end? Washington DC
how did stephens, cobb, and toombs get other souterners to agreet o compromise of 1850 GA paltform
man was an abolitionist who had once been a slave Frederick Douglass
man who published the newspaper the Liberator William Lloyd Garrison
name of frederick douglass's newspaper the North Star
compromsie of 1850 was presented by same senator who presented compromsie of 1820. name? Henry Clay
house of US congress involved in compromises? senate
both stephen douglas and john breckenridge ran for party democrat
her nickname was moses Harriet tubman
she wrote uncle tom's cabin harriet beecher stowe
south based its economy on agriculture, north what? mining industry, railraoads
what two crops did the south mostly plant? cotton and tobacco
crop from the south considered king cotton
name of the act the GA platform demanded Fugitive slave act
first republican pres elected this year 1860
1820 missouri compromise
1850 compromise of 1850
1854 kansas-Nebraska Act
1857 Dred Scott Decision
Ga's largest city in 1860 savannah
4th largest city? atlanta
atlanta became rail center between GA and Chattanooga
year cotton gin invented? 1793
what is a planter? if you owned more than 20 slaves
yeoman farmer middle class farmer
what did republicans want? to end slavery in states
what did northern democrats want? popular sovereignty
what did southern democrats want? slavery everywhere
Created by: Tsarmina