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Jacksonian Democracy to Manifest Destiny

Adams-Onis Treaty annexation of Florida to United States
preemption the right of first purchase of public land
Era of Good Feelings James Monroe's time in office
Missouri Compromise of 1820 1820; admitted Missouri as a slave state and Maine as free state; banned slavery in Louisiana Purchase above a certain latitude
Monroe Doctrine declared Western Hemisphere to be off limits to European powers; signed by Monroe
John Quincy Adams 6th president; secretary of state to James Monroe; accused of corrupt bargain with Henry Clay
Henry Clay Speaker of the House; most influential Whig; ran for president and was defeated three times; helped write the Missouri Compromise of 1820
Andrew Jackson 7th president; champion of the common man; hero from the War of 1812
John C. Calhoun strong supporter of states rights; vice-president under Jackson
Daniel Webster helped write the Missouri Compromise of 1820
Martin Van Buren real power of the Jackson Administration; 8th president; blamed for the Panic of 1837
Panic of 1837 economic crisis that occured in 1837
Bank Wars Jackson's attempt to get rid of the 2nd Bank of Americaand Biddle's attempt to keep the Bank.
Nicholas Biddle president of the 2nd Bank of America; fought Jackson for Bank's right to stay in existence
Trail of Tears Cherokees forced to march from Georgia to Oklahoma in the winter of 1838
nullification the right of a state to render a federal law powerless in that particular state if it is deemed unconstitutional; encouraged by Calhoun
Tariff of Abominations an 1828 protective tariff that angered southern free traders
Underground Railroad network of safe houses for runaway slaves to hide in.
Yeomen farmers poor whites who owned no slaves
American Colonization Society abolitionist group founded in 1817 that advocated the removal of freed slaves and free blacks to Liberia
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