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Stage Check 2

Complementary studies

Thunderstorm Cumulus(updraft) mature stage (preciptation begins), Dissipating stage (downdraft)
Wind Shear Any sudden change in wind speed or direction.
Wind Shear (usually appear) Low Level temperature inversion / Frontal Line Zone / Clear Air turbulence or high altitude associated with jetstream.
Microburst Associated with strong downdraft. Normally associated with storng downdraft. Horizontal distance of one noutical mile or les and vertical distance of less than 1000f. Last around 15min peak of 25knt and downdraft of can be strong as 6000f
Structural Icing Forms when drops of water falls into the surface wich is at freezing levels.
Induction Icing Normally occour inside carburator. The speed increase, pressure reduce and the temperature reduces as well. The moisture in the air will form icing.
Clouds Base Formula Clouds base altitude = (temperature - dewpoint/4.5)*1000 + mesure station altitude.
Pilotage Follow a straight line using land marks
Dead reconing Calculating time/ wind speed/direcition and distance to have a aproximate flight time.
Minimum Safe Altitudes - Anywhere Altitude allowing if a power unit fails, an emergency land without undue hazardous to a person or propertie on the surface.
Minimum Safe Altitudes - Over congested Areas. 100f above the highest obstacle within 2000f radios horizontal clearance.
Minimum safe altitudes - Other than congested areas 500f above teh surface
Minimum safe altitudes - Helicopers may operate less than the minimus altitude with out creating any hazardous of people or properties.
Fog (types) Radiation Fog / Steam Fog / Advection Fog / Upslope fog / Precipitation-induced fog / Ice fog
Radiation fog Little or no wind and small tmep/dew point spread wiith hight relative humidity
Steam Fog Over layer of colder air above a warmer water, the water evaporate in to the colder air creating fog.
Advection Fog Moisture warm air moves in to colder ground or water creating fog.
Upslope fog Form when moisture air is colled by moving up slooping terraing.
Precipitation/induced fog Warm rain or drizzle falls in to colder air.
Ice Fog Temperature is much bellow freezing and water vapor sublimates directly as ice crystal.
Pressure Lapse Rate 1 inch per 1000Feet
Verga Preciptation that evaporate before touch teh ground.
Turbulence CAT/Mechanical/Wake/Convective
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